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Hyperlinks 2/13/2023 | bare capitalism

Wild Goffin’s cockatoos flexibly manufacture and use software units Cell

Cleaner fish acknowledge self in a mirror by way of self-face recognition like people PNAS

Coyotes, Charlotte’s loudest newcomers, are right here to remain Axios Charlotte

Local weather

Sea-ice extent within the Antarctic headed for a report minimal Sea Ice Portal

Thousands and thousands of satellite tv for pc pictures reveal how seashores across the Pacific vanish or replenish in El Niño and La Niña years The Dialog

These Balloons, or Regardless of the Heck They Are

U.S. Army Shoots Down Fourth Excessive-Altitude Object Over North America WSJ. Commentary:

Everything we know about the mysterious ‘objects’ shot down by US warplanes Independent. It would be really hilarious of they were Ekumen envoys. But probably not:

New unidentified ‘cylindrical’ object shot down over Canada WaPo. From two days ago, but important for this passage:

The incursions in the past week have changed how analysts receive and interpret information from radars and sensors, a U.S. official said Saturday, partly addressing a key question of why so many objects have recently surfaced.

The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said that sensory equipment absorbs a lot of raw data, and filters are used so humans and machines can make sense of what is collected. But that process always runs the risk of leaving out something important, the official said.

“We basically opened the filters,” the official added, much like a car buyer unchecking boxes on a website to broaden the parameters of what can be searched. That change does not yet fully answer what is going on, the official cautioned, and whether stepping back to look at more data is yielding more hits — or if these latest incursions are part of a more deliberate action by an unknown country or adversary.

Not paywalled, at least for me, so I guess this is what they really want us to pay attention to.

Adversary Drones Are Spying On The U.S. And The Pentagon Acts Like They’re UFOs The Drive. From 2021, possibly germane.


China and America are locked in destructive codependence FT

U.S.-China Trade Grows as Spy Balloon Raises Tensions WSJ

What does coronavirus have in store for China after massive wave of infection following end of zero-Covid strategy? South China Morning Post

What Do Louis Vuitton’s Record-Breaking Sales In Hefei Reveal About China’s Luxury Rebound? Jing Daily

China tightens requirements on classifying banks’ asset risks Reuters


Commentary: Drones are changing the state of play for Myanmar resistance forces Channel News Asia

Singapore commuters keep masks on despite discarded COVID-19 public transport rule Channel News Asia

Japan’s next central bank chief may rue promotion Reuters


Adani slashes growth targets amid rout sparked by Hindenburg Reuters

India’s Caste Obsession Is Hindering Socio-Economic Progress: Here’s Why Madras Courier


Pakistan on the Brink: What the Collapse of the Nuclear-Armed Regional Power Could Mean for the World The Intercept

European Disunion

France braces for standstill on March 7 over pension reform protests The Connexion. Commentary:

At least 250,000 protestors take to streets of Madrid over state of public healthcare Andalou Agency

Wage negotiations break down at Deutsche Post WSWS

German Deindustrialization Is Still Looming Project Syndicate

New Not-So-Cold War

The adult in the room, frighteningly:

Why Ukraine should end war by political or physical assassination of Putin – political scientist New Voice of Ukraine

The Minsk Agreements Tried to Create Peace Between Ukraine and Russia. Zelensky Said He Never Planned to Honor Them. Pedro Gonzalez, Contra

It is time to cut Russia out of the global financial system FT. Let me know how that works out.

* * *

Ukraine war: Russians slowly take ground around Bakhmut BBC

‘Like Verdun’: bloody fight for Ukraine’s Bakhmut compared to infamous WWI battle South China Morning Post

* * *

JP Morgan reaches agreement with Ukraine’s Zelensky on rebuilding infrastructure NY Post. Jamie Dimon, large as life, still on the street!

Are U.S. Sanctions on Russia Working? Foreign Policy

* * *

Ukrainian Women’s Looks Are None of Your Business Foreign Policy. Somehow, I don’t think FP meant this woman, prominent in Ukrainian propaganda:

Because being trained by Nazis is a bad “look” indeed (though not to everyone, I grant).

Ukraine tells EU leaders to avoid ‘negative’ accession messaging FT. “Tells”?

South of the Border

Peru crisis deepens as agreement on early polls eludes lawmakers FT

Canada’s regime props up Peru’s and helps Canadian mining companies exploit crisis The Canada Files

Brazil Moves to Oust Miners from Indigenous Lands, Shore Up Support for Amazon Protection Yale Environment360

In Mexico, US complaints help union organizing efforts AP

Supply Chain

Welcome to the dark side: The rise of tanker shipping’s ‘shadow fleet’ Freight Waves

The Bezzle

Big Pharma’s Patent Monopolies and Corruption Are Costing Americans Big Dollars Dean Baker, DC Report

The Next Generation Of Large Language Models Forbes. “1) Models that can generate their own training data to improve themselves.” For some definition of “improve.”

Our Famously Free Press

Radio War Nerd EP #366 — Seymour Hersh on US Bombing Nord Stream Pipelines (postcast; unlocked) Radio War Nerd. Nice get! Commentary:

Well worth a listen. Hersh is quite a character!

Sports Desk

Super Bowl MVP Mahomes rallies Chiefs to win on hurt ankle AP. At half-time, kill them with fire:

Data from New Jersey is a warning sign for young sports bettors The Conversation (Re Silc).

Imperial Collapse Watch

Army sees safety, not ‘wokeness,’ as top recruiting obstacle LA Times

Class Warfare

Eight States Have Joined Forces to Raise Taxes on America’s Wealthiest Stephanie Kelton, The Lens

What Can Be the Impact on Shipping From Fallout in the US West Coast Labour Talks? Hellenic Shipping News

Tech job bonfire rages on as Microsoft, GitLab and others join in The Register

At This Jersey Factory, Pension-Backed Private Equity Takes On Union Workers The Lever

American Dream For Rent: Investors elbow out individual home buyers Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Yale Professor Suggested Mass Suicide for Old People in Japan. What Did He Mean? NYT. What Andrew “Ratface Andy” actually did?

Antidote du jour (via):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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