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Interdimensional Flux – Period of Mild

Interdimensional Flux

That’s the identify Archangel Michael gave me for the vitality expertise that we’re present process in March 2023.

It’s a results of the extraordinary circulation of Water Plasma vitality that was skilled in February and the extraordinary Photo voltaic flares which have been bombarding the planet.

It’s drilling drown into the DNA to lastly flip us into the Multi-dimensional consciousness of the New Earth. Previous timelines are being disconnected to make approach for the fabric expression of the New Earth.

Signs are a deep feeling of disconnection and chaos.

I discover I typically get up within the morning with completely no sense of the place I’m on the Time/Area continuum. It takes me a couple of moments to reconnect with Earth and March 2023. That’s as a result of we’re a lot elsewhere within the Galaxy, particularly at night time and in our sleep time.

Additionally bodily discomfort and “purging” as previous patterns of non-public perception are dissolved.

I discover this course of to be so much like what occurred in 2013 after the large shifts of 2012. Solely so much sooner…actually so much sooner. It’s as if we shouldn’t have time to attract breath and another change happens.

We’re being turned 180 levels to see life from a very totally different perspective.

An all-encompassing perspective that features all types of life, not simply homo sapiens on Earth.

That is the emergence of the Pure Ones and the Pure Crystalline Coronary heart. The Ones who honor all Creation and carry the Mild of New Creation. The Ones who carry the Emerald Coronary heart Codes and can create the New Lemuria.

It could be a little bit of a tough journey however it’s unfolding earlier than us!

Like to everybody!

**By Celia Fenn




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