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Love the Unknown – Period of Mild

Because the world shifts earlier than your eyes and finds a brand new actuality, lots of you stay caught in habits, applications and beliefs.

Day after day, like blind chickens, they observe the path that they already know and that clearly has nothing new in retailer. Considering, feeling and appearing are all primarily based on what is understood, on the “expertise” of the previous days, and so that you attune your self to a life that’s tantamount to slowly dying.

“No human being worthy of being human is predictable.” There’s additionally a phenomenal story about Buddha, shortly after his enlightenment; he went from one village to a different:

“It was summer time and extremely popular. He got here to a riverbank. The shore was sandy and moist and Buddha left footprints on the sand. A bit of later, by probability, an awesome astrologer handed by, on his means dwelling from Kashi, the stronghold of Hindu studying, the place he had simply completed his research. He may now predict the long run flawlessly. So on the way in which dwelling he noticed the footprints within the sand.

He couldn’t consider his eyes as a result of based on the scriptures these had been the footprints of an awesome emperor, an emperor who guidelines the entire world: “How come an emperor – a chakravartin* who guidelines the entire world – such a poor village at one so sizzling day to go to? And barefoot at that?”

(*Chakravartin denotes a really perfect, complete ruler within the Indian religions; be aware JJK)

However the footprints had been clear and left little question. So he thought: ‘Both all my science is unsuitable, for apparently this man is a beggar, though based on the books an emperor, even the best emperor on the earth; So both my science is unsuitable or I would like to trace down this man. Perhaps he actually is that emperor and a few coincidence introduced him by right here.”

So he adopted the footprints. Buddha sat underneath a tree. Because the astrologer approached, he solely grew extra confused. The primary look advised him that he was an emperor – however there sat a beggar.

Buddha had the character of an emperor all through.

He was emperor like nobody had ever been earlier than. However in rags – as a beggar!

So the astrologer requested: “Please put me out of my confusion – you might have utterly confused me. I studied in Kashi for fifteen years; it appears I’ve wasted fifteen years studying the artwork of divining the long run. Now I’ve simply completed, I’m a certified and licensed astrologer, and also you’re shaking all my artwork. Please inform me: are you a beggar? Or are you a chakravartin, an awesome emperor who guidelines the entire world?

My existence is dependent upon your reply. For those who inform me you’re a beggar, I can throw away all of the books I’m carrying right here and so they’ll be nugatory. Into the river with them! And I can go dwelling empty-handed – fifteen years in useless! Or else you’re a Chakravartin. Please say me.”

Buddha opened his eyes and mentioned, “Your confusion is comprehensible. However as luck would have it – you might have met a person who’s the one exception amongst ten thousand. Your writings could apply to 9 thousand 9 hundred and ninety-nine folks. Simply not on one. However you received’t come throughout this one once more, so maintain your books, don’t throw them within the river. It’s subsequent to unimaginable that you must encounter that single exception once more.”

The astrologer requested: “What’s your secret – how is it that you just evade interpretation?”

Buddha replied, “By consciousness.

I by no means repeat the identical mistake, I by no means repeat the identical sample. I’ve grow to be human. I’m not a machine anymore. YOU can’t predict what I’ll do subsequent. The subsequent second is unknown. Not just for you, but in addition for me. He’s completely unknown. He’ll give up – nobody can foresee him.” (Osho, the Sufi Approach, p. 160 ff)

To be alive

The worry of the brand new, of the unknown, inhibits you and you favor to belief the previous patterns and stay inert – lifeless and much from the circulation of life.

Because the world modifications, lots of you make no try to alter yourselves by being interested in new realities. Which means going through life, which means residing, as a result of that’s what life brings. This growth, which has undoubtedly began now, can’t be tackled with the previous views and habits.

The amazement, the daring, to attempt one thing new, to reinvent your self, to have a look at the world with new eyes, to look anew on the path you’re taking every single day and to acknowledge the modifications, that’s essential now, in any other case you’ll go to sleep deeply of the unconscious a continuation. Consciousness is barely potential when you open your self to the unknown! It’s to grow to be like youngsters and never stay like adults, frozen within the everlasting ice of mounted concepts, mounted assumptions and concepts about life.

Life is alive – fixed change. No second is like the opposite, no day repeats itself.

However what number of days do you repeat? How usually do you expertise the identical and the identical? How connected are you to your habits with out breaking them?

Because the folks round you alter, you continue to consider that they’re as you knew them then. Your mounted photographs, run in and stuffed into drawers, forestall each new encounter and exclude each new commentary. Even those that are actually near you, you don’t consider in change, change and progress.

“He/she is rather like that, you understand him/her!” I hear you say that and on this means you might be misplaced and you’ll not develop one iota, grow to be acutely aware, clear and awake.

Considering new ideas, talking phrases from a brand new thoughts and taking actions on a brand new foundation, considering every second, unbiased and awake, harmless and observing. That is consciousness, that is life, that is love. Anything means sluggish dying, years of suicide, the installment plan with dying.

Life means experiencing each second innocently, all the time it with new eyes, even when it appears so acquainted via repetition.

Belief folks to make any change!

Belief that that is the one means that the modifications which are about to occur can occur. With out this confidence you block this growth and it scrapes your life.

1. Count on the unknown with curiosity and curiosity!

2. Don’t worry it, for all times itself is what takes care of you – not the ingrained patterns of life you might have beforehand attributed it to.

3. Rediscover your fellow human beings! Belief them in addition to you each, completely each realization – all the things is change!

4. The circulation of life brings motion, uninterrupted change, for all life is change. Yesterday doesn’t rely, neither does tomorrow – solely the now!

Remaining within the normal and entrenched methods of considering and residing means staying away from life. Know this and benefit from the expertise of the unknown. A brand new life awaits you, rebirth as a completely acutely aware being.

The whole lot is change, you may ignore this, so you might be destined to stay a lifetime of stagnation, however when you open yourselves to it, you’ll obtain the perception, the information of the masters. As a result of then you might be grasp and the knower in a single. Inseparable in unity with God.

The seventh key of life, which is exceedingly essential for this time – if the door to this information stays closed, life itself can’t confide in you.

Throw overboard what has to this point led you to consider that you’re secure. Eliminate the habits of considering, feeling and appearing and achieve new insights.

Life takes place past that and is a every day surprise at how all the things modifications, how all the things strikes and the way good it feels to belief the unknown.

For it’s via these “foreigners” that God works. He, the Everlasting Acquainted, works via the unknown to make us develop and lift our consciousness.

When you perceive that, a life precept is grasped. The precept by which each and every change within the universe is described, for all the things is change – continuously, from the start to the tip of time and into eternity.

From being

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by




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