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Occasions You Have Been Wishing For – Period of Mild

One Who Serves: Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves right here. And no Shoshanna this time, however we’ll do what we will to muddle via right here, and hopefully reply your questions as greatest as we will when you have questions.

However first, we want to say that that was fairly a message from the one, Ashtar! And there are messages which might be going to come back via from many alternative sources as we discover it now increasingly. And they’re going to decide up in depth we’ll let you know. As a result of these instances that you’ve got been ready for, wishing for, dreaming about, are upon you now. And you’re certainly what has been known as ‘within the storm.’ It isn’t the storm coming any longer; you’re within the storm now. It’s raging throughout you. However you, at all times you inside that storm, inside that eye of the storm, proceed to be in that eye of the storm and let issues revolve and rage round you, and be calm. Be calm throughout the storm, and know that every one is at hand, and all is precisely because it must be for the higher plan to proceed to work out on this realm.

We’re prepared to your questions when you have them. You possibly can, sure, unmute your telephones now and we’ll do what we will to proceed to be of service as we will right here.

Visitor: I’ve a query.

OWS: Sure?

Visitor: We have now the primary of the banks right here in the USA have defaulted. I’ve heard that every one the banking is mirrored with the Quantum Monetary System. I’m simply questioning how we entry this Quantum Monetary System, if ?

OWS: You might be appropriate within the time period of ‘mirroring.’ That may be a great technique to put it. And we’ll say right here that that was not the primary financial institution to default. It’s the first one to be identified to take action. However there are others which might be in that course of now as we communicate. And you’re certainly going to expertise the falling of the dominos right here as they go, one after the other. We aren’t solely talking of the Central Banks, as you perceive them, however the whole system is coming down.

And because it comes down, there may be one other system prepared to maneuver in to interchange it, that which you name the QFS, the Quantum Monetary System is certainly prepared to interchange this. However there should first be these issues that must happen first to permit for the final inhabitants to be acquainted with this new system that you just already find out about.

And we’ll say so far as preparation goes, all the things that you’re doing now, speaking about now to arrange, is what that you must do. And do not need concern although, as Ashtar was fairly outstanding in saying right here. Don’t really feel the concern, don’t expertise concern, as the remainder of the inhabitants round you can be experiencing that, as they go to their banks and discover that their cash is gone, that they can’t get it out of the banks. That’s definitely coming. As a result of it have to be the crash. And we communicate absolutely of a crash that’s imminent right here as we will say. For ‘imminent’ to us is totally different than your ‘imminent,’ so you’re taking from that which you’ll. However it’s coming, definitely. Does this reply your query for you?

Visitor: It simply restated that I mentioned. I’m simply questioning the way to entry the QFS, however until you aren’t able to say it.

OWS: We’ll let you know that you’ll understand how to do that when that point is there. Will probably be offered to you and to the general public of the way to go about your exchanges, and most of these issues. We can not say extra, although, right now, as a result of issues are nonetheless considerably in flux because the adjustments are shifting ahead.

Visitor: Okay. Thanks.

OWS: Would there be different questions right here?

Visitor: Sure, One Who Serves. Might you simply get a bit extra detailed on us Lightworkers who nonetheless have cash in our banking accounts. Would it not behoove us to drag as a lot of the money out as we will and preserve it protected in our properties or wherever, as a result of that probably will simply go away? Ought to we attempt to take as a lot out as we will as a result of we’ll lose that cash within the financial institution?

OWS: We predict we now have already answered that query within the earlier query right here. You must merely observe your individual steerage as to the way to put together. However know that in your getting ready, do not need concern of what’s occurring. Simply observe your steerage and you can be led in the best way that that you must be so right here. You aren’t forgotten right here. Simply know that. You might be very a lot protected all through this transition. Okay?

Visitor: Thanks.

OWS: Would there be different questions right here?

Visitor: Sure, I’ve a query.

OWS: Sure?

Visitor: There’s a expertise earlier than, and we all know it’s principally agnostic, relying on whose utilizing it for what intention; nonetheless, with that mentioned, Chat DPT is an AI that’s spreading like unbelievable wildfire throughout the general public, throughout enterprise, throughout all the things. I’ve engaged with it a bit bit, and I do imagine it’s coming from the darkish facet. So, is it a Computer virus in that, like all the things else provided by the darkish facet, is it type of a entice to suck you in? I hate to say this, however in my 3-D phantasm, when one thing appears too good to be true, it usually is, based mostly on my expertise. So my query is, is Chat DPT an IA that has develop into very, extremely popular, is it a entice? Is there something that we must always pay attention to? Is there something that you’d warning about this?

OWS: With out talking instantly concerning the actual factor that you’re asking about right here, we’ll speak extra in a normal type right here. And sure, you already know that AI, as you’re saying it, could be for the constructive or for the destructive. It may be for the Mild or for the darkish, relying on who’s utilizing it and for what goal. So simply as that of your varied cryptocurrencies weren’t precisely what many thought they might develop into. And plenty of of you got that steerage inside you at first, figuring out to not spend money on that exact foreign money as a result of it isn’t secure, as you’re discovering now. So it is vitally just like different issues which might be going to be launched, or have already been launched which might be but, as you’re saying, part of the darkish facet plan right here. However know that that darkish facet plan will probably be defeated in each method you’ll be able to give it some thought because the transition continues on. Okay?

Visitor: Thanks very a lot.

OWS: Excellent. Would there be every other questions right here?

Visitor: Sure, I’ve a query. You’re speaking concerning the extra energies coming in to the planet. For the final little bit, I’ve had ringing within the ears, vibrations round my head, and I’m conscious of this whereas it’s taking place. So I simply need affirmation that that’s what it’s.

OWS: You might be definitely, simply as many on this name, if not all of you, are adapting to the energies. And these have been known as the ‘ascension signs’ up till now. You possibly can nonetheless proceed to name them that, however know that these energies which might be coming in are altering your very DNA processes inside you, and have been doing that for a while. However it can develop into increasingly outstanding as these instances proceed on or, extra importantly, because the vibrations proceed to extend as you progress on. Okay?

Visitor: Okay. Thanks a lot.

OWS: Sure. Would there be every other questions?

Visitor: Sure.

OWS: Sure?

Visitor: Many people query these actually scary creatures within the interior Earth which have made alliances with varied governments to do not likely good issues to humanity and so forth. I suppose they’ve been within the deep underground bases, and they’re fairly huge and fairly scary. I’m not afraid of something, however I’ve a sense if I noticed one in entrance of me, I may need a twinge of concern. So are you able to inform us how are these people being handled to get them out of right here and off the planet?

OWS: To start with, Pricey One, if you happen to had a private confrontation with a type of, you’d have rather more than a bit twinge of concern. Simply so this. But additionally know, on the identical time, you don’t have anything to concern. As a result of to start with, you’ll not are available contact with them. And they’re within the strategy of being fully eradicated from the planet, from throughout the planet, and definitely above the planet, as they’re now not allowed to come back from different techniques to this planet right now, have been held again from coming right here for a while. So all that you’re coping with now, you being the collective you of the planet, is these which might be already right here. And they’re those being eradicated. Their inhabitants is dwindling extra, and extra, and extra.

Now additionally perceive that not all of these, although, are what you’d name the darkish facet, or evil, or something of this nature. A few of them, a lot of them, have certainly turned to the sunshine relatively than to determine to be consumed by the sunshine. So all the things is in strategy of understanding. Your Alliance, these of the ‘White Hats’ as you name them, are very a lot conscious of those beings and are doing all the things they will to remove the chaos, the confusion, and the concern, and all that they’ve introduced, particularly in these deep underground army bases as you say. These are in strategy of fully being cleaned out. However know that there have been a lot of these bases. However they’re definitely in strategy of being eradicated, or modified over, as we are saying, into the Mild. Okay?

Visitor: Sure. Thanks a lot for that reassurance. Sure, I’m positive I’d be relatively terrified.

OWS: Would there be every other questions earlier than we launch channel?

Visitor: Sure, I’ve a query.

OWS: Sure?

Visitor: Is CERN now within the palms of the White Hats?

OWS: We’ll let you know that which you name CERN is to not be of a priority right now. Okay? We can not let you know greater than that proper now. However it isn’t one thing to have any concern about in any way.

Visitor: All proper. Okay, thanks.

OWS: Sure. We do must launch channel right here now. The energies from the Ashtar have been fairly heavy on this one, so we have to launch.

Earlier than we do, we simply say proceed to shine your mild, whether or not consciously or unconsciously, wherever you go.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Supply 1 2



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