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Questions and Solutions – Period of Mild

Expensive kids of the Mild, it has been a very long time since I expressed myself via this channel, via this vitality. I’m Grasp Saint-Germain, very glad to be with you as soon as once more this night, in vitality, in phrases.

Initially, I want to greet every of you because the grasp he’s, to greet every of you within the train that you’re going via in matter. Expensive kids, you’re so enthusiastic in actual fact as souls to reside the present modifications, the present interval, that it brings me pleasure and gratitude too, in a spirit of gratitude for every of you who reside this second, who reside this expertise of the human, of humanity, of ʺhumanitudeʺ.

You’re getting into a treasured time when every of you’ll really feel human, near your family members, and near beings who appear distant to you, distant, those that appear separated however who will not be and by no means have been. . You start to really feel this want inside you, this sense of unity, of straightforward, quiet, joyful unity.

From the Universe, anticipate huge surprises, sure, as a result of the occasions that observe this path that you simply hint generally can’t be imagined, not designed.

With out actually having the proper to provide you particulars, let me inform you that you will expertise some nice and unsightly surprises. I communicate of surprises within the time period of not anticipating what’s within the divine Plan. So, the divine Plan is at all times geared toward your best good, at all times at your studying, at bettering the sum of the aware information that you’ve got of your self, of the train of embodied consciousness that you’re.

Expensive souls, every of you in your personal gentle finds and can discover your manner. Don’t fear about it. I learn the priority of lots of you. Perceive that you’ll stay Mild it doesn’t matter what. Perceive that the very Essence of your being is risking nothing in any respect within the expertise you’re in. None of you’re actually, actually at risk.

In fact, on this time everybody tries to pose his private sovereignty, his collective sovereignty too, consequently, this may create wars of ego and bodily wars.

So, certainly, perhaps I can invite you to be extra light, clever, concerted, optimistic gathering to advance and advance your time, your nation.


As you realize, we’re getting into a cycle this 12 months with our channel, which had forgotten about it, however let me inform it once more, a cycle of questions and solutions, of higher interplay with you. Consequently, our channel must be taught to learn the questions that you simply ask it, that you simply ask us, whereas letting the vitality flow into in its physique.

For this, and earlier than studying your questions, I want to set some circumstances. I cannot reply too private questions, they belong to you and we’re not actually between us. I’ll reply broader questions that you’ll have. And for our channel, I inform him that the ʺtrickʺ, the answer in order that he stays each conscious of my presence and that he can have adequate consciousness to learn the questions, this requires being a bit of extra within the respiratory, a bit of extra calm, not rushed, to have actions which are lengthy, sluggish, and quiet.

Expensive souls, right here I’m able to reply your questions, extra collective questions, I repeat. I received’t reply every thing, I’ll attempt to do my greatest. You realize, our teachings, you may have already acquired them, the idea, you already realize it, so it could be as much as us that can assist you on different paths. Let’s proceed.

I inform Sylvain to not fear if every thing passes earlier than him. If the query rises too excessive, we’ll neglect it, we is not going to take it, it’s not essential, and we is not going to essentially take both the one who shouts louder than the opposite.

What position does France play within the occasions to come back  ?

Know this, I’ll remodel this query by saying: “What position do the French play within the occasions to come back?” “, as a result of it’s this individuals who stay an instance to guard freedom.

The position of the French is to guard freedom. I’m not speaking about France, if I’m speaking about France I’m going to speak about your governments and your governments, you all realize it now, are all roughly corrupted by specific concepts, by the concept of ​​controlling a folks, whom we should in actual fact be taught to let be free once more of their ideas, of their feelings, of their vitality. It should occur.

Nonetheless, it’s helpful to grasp that the French can serve with different peoples, for instance on this liberation for freedoms, for instance on this liberation for simplicity, for work as a substitute of labor. Right here is the position of France, it’s at all times, and the French notably, a folks which serves for instance, which serves for instance of reflection, which serves for instance within the set up. Oh ! There can be others and I repeat, your actual liberation is not going to come from France, however, this folks which are the French will put ahead their freedoms, will lastly perceive what’s the key, the liberty to evolve and advance in consciousness and even in spirituality, within the steps that now come up earlier than you.

Tips on how to be your self  ?

Expensive souls, the true query is, “How do you not be your self?” »

How do you handle to not be pure Love, pure Pleasure, pure happiness?

So what did you add or take away in your life, in your existence, to really feel so sad?

What did you settle for out of spite?

What did you refuse out of delight?

Inside these questions are the solutions of your liberation, and once more, little by little, take again this house.

To be your self is to be in your true nature. Your nature is to not grumble to impose your self, to lastly affirm who you’re as an ego , however to lastly affirm who you’re as a mess, as a folks, as a nation, as as a complete, as a neighborhood. That’s being your self, and if the self brings you again to the self, that’s to the separate id, to the I, you lose your self.

The true Self, the Larger Self, is the one who embraces this world, who embraces the neighborhood and wishes to serve relatively than be served, and in honorable service, entire human service, aware, highly effective, certainly, highly effective of this regrouping of souls, highly effective from this conjunction of energies, not essentially between beings who get alongside from each perspective, alternatively, in the direction of beings who’ve the identical purpose, the identical consideration of affection, the identical intention of liberation, the identical intention of peace. Finally, being your self is revealed via different selves. The others one loves decide oneself.

On this manner, additional lengthen your like to be your self. Don’t broaden your ego. Don’t stretch the character. Don’t attempt to impose once more, alternatively, acknowledge that your real love is pure Love, that true pleasure is pure Pleasure. It’s already in you.

You stopped being your self if you thought you have been the characters, the our bodies, the vitality, the overall ambiance. Get off these theatrical coats. Come again to the highly effective consciousness of the vitality flowing via you. You knew this vitality deeply. You wouldn’t even must nourish your self anymore, you’d be nourished by the Holy Spirit himself, by the vitality of the Almighty God in your physique. Grow to be kids once more, that’s to say easy, loving, joyful beings who, sure, say what goes via them however don’t maintain grudges or grudges. All these money owed that you simply go away in grudges, in grudges, in stress, in anxieties, in wishes of fights, all that forestalls you from being your self. You find yourself believing that you’re this combat when you find yourself not the combat, you’re the Peace.

You’re deeply at peace. Entry this area of consciousness my mates, entry this data, this rebirth inside you and round you. Peace settles within the coronary heart of those that are able to welcome it, unconditionally. Thus, if you say: “  I would love, if… — I can be in Peace, if…  ”, you’ll by no means be in Peace.

Peace is a alternative, not absolutely the results of exterior circumstances, however above all of the revelation of an inside situation in every of you, in every of you. On this case, pursue this quest inwards, in the direction of the depth of your Being which seeks to broaden and lengthen its Love, and you’ll be your self.

A lot of you’re questioning if there are going to be earthly disasters . 

Sure, we introduced it. You had the fireplace. You had the water. You could have had the air, and you’re starting to have the earth in its tremors, in its modifications. There are going to be pure disasters. Certainly, the magnetic area of your Earth is sort of upset. It corresponds to a necessity and a need of your planet to proceed its evolution, to proceed to develop, to proceed to develop.

Due to this fact, sure, you’ll undergo within the look, the exterior layers, sure penalties. Actually, I perceive that you’re so hooked up to this life and this existence, however please remember that you’re an immortal being, that your physique is just transitory. You’re in concern since you don’t wish to quit the ego, you don’t wish to quit the character . Nonetheless, if you happen to agree to depart this world, regardless of the circumstances, you’ll not go away sooner being on this state, alternatively, you’ll be at peace my mates. You may be at peace with the concept of ​​saying to your self: “I can go away tomorrow to hitch my brothers and sisters within the Mild, in peace. Whenever you resist all that, if you resist loss of life, you aren’t alive.

You’re alive when you find yourself having fun with each second, not when you find yourself afraid of the subsequent. I repeat, this sentence is essential, you’re alive when you find yourself having fun with every second, not when you find yourself afraid of the subsequent. It’s essential to be within the current second. Your Earth is just not the deadliest catastrophe that you’re experiencing or will expertise on this transition interval, people themselves have killed one another extra by generally attempting to avoid wasting themselves than your planet will ever do.

So, sure, there are local weather modifications. Sure, there are modifications within the vitality. These modifications have been deliberate, they’re cyclical, they occur recurrently, you aren’t absolutely the reason for them, furthermore, they’re evolutionary modifications in consciousness, evolutionary in your physique. Allow them to go. Don’t surprise the place and when it’ll occur, as a result of you wouldn’t be current. In actual fact, the extra you’re current within the current, the extra you’ll really feel a attainable hazard presenting itself properly earlier than this one presents itself.

By being within the apprehension of the longer term, you will be unable to forestall something and simply undergo. Conversely, if you happen to’re within the second, see, you’ll be like these animals which have sensors that detect hazard to this point prematurely that they will stroll away from it. It’s the identical for you.

The important thing to the current is to not inform your self that you’re able to die solely, extra merely, to inform your self that you simply conform to be there, right here and now, in whole consciousness. By doing this, you unfold the wings of your Unconscious and permit it to obtain planetary alerts to warn you of hazard. At the moment, you’ll really feel when there can be hazard, nonetheless, you’ll not be afraid of hazard, you’ll really feel and act accordingly realizing what to do. Not being afraid is essentially the most pragmatic strategy to keep away from any hazard and to be prepared, ought to it occur in your space, in your life or to your self.

I hear your ideas of “  sure, however I’m scared — sure, however I’m scared  ”. Expensive kids, take heed to me, you’re grasp and disciple of yourselves. You could have inside you the instructing and the knowledge adequate to extricate your self from this concern. Cease systematically in search of your entire solutions exterior. We provide you with clues. We help you and enable you, solely the answer comes out of your Larger Consciousness, out of your private sovereignty.On this manner, we take steps with you, we enable you, alternatively, the answer is just not essentially in such a Information or such a Presence which is able to help you, as a result of this Presence can be content material to attend your personal delivery of you. -even. Pay attention to this. Settle for that.

Here’s a query that I’m requested: Are the earthquakes skilled in Turkey human-made or of terrestrial origin  ? 

They’re of pure origin, expensive souls. There is no such thing as a human intervention right here. The vitality transforms within the air and the Earth shook within the place that was supposed.

Will people increase their consciousness to observe Jesus  ?

Why Jesus? Is Jesus the Savior? In conscience I’d say sure, he’s most likely the one who’s closest to you, however there’s a being even nearer than that: your self. You’re your Savior.

Christ is the Redeemer, the one who will enable you perceive your dysfunctions to carry you to your personal vitality car, to your personal Christed state. He’s the Information. He saves Saviors. It leads you to acknowledge your Larger Dimension. He’s near you, he’s near the Earth, this Being who’s Sananda, Jesus, above all, he first seeks to disclose you, to boost your consciousness. He can learn the Spirit of the Earth and its inhabitants, nonetheless, he can’t determine instead of this Spirit nor instead of its inhabitants. You could have full energy.

Certainly, it’s the instance of Jesus and the instructing of Jesus that you’re invited to observe, nonetheless don’t forget, if you happen to requested Jesus himself who the Savior is, he would simply make this gesture, he would level his hand and his finger in the direction of you, in the direction of you.

I’ve already answered a few of the questions right here, and right here you’re questioning if the 12 months you’re residing is a closing 12 months, if it’ll get higher later, or if everybody will perceive ?

No, this isn’t the ultimate 12 months of your change, this isn’t the tip of this transition. The length in fact relies upon primarily on a human will, on a human consciousness, on an elevation of this consciousness in a planetary manner, and we can’t decide, expensive souls, of time at your personal delivery, you may have between two and ten years of this evolution.

In actual fact, there are occasions if you pace up this transition and instances if you sluggish it down. You sluggish it down — and this permits me to reply one other query — you decelerate this development if you cling to every thing you assume you realize, every thing you assume you may have.. By clinging to all of this, by asking that nothing be taken away from you, nothing modified, you decelerate the opportunity of the emergence of a brighter New World. It’s not a world that’s going to kick you out. It isn’t a world that may plunge you into loneliness or servitude. It’s a standard world, not communist, frequent, a world that leads you to extra sharing, to land sharing, sure, perhaps generally sharing properties, sharing assets. This world opens the world of tomorrow.

Let go of what you assume you may have and know. Permit your self to have one thing else and know one thing else, like somebody new. No matter your age, change into college students of life once more, change into college students of Love once more. Enter these research once more. Your masters are the Ascension Masters, the angels, the Beings of Mild, however you’re already prepared, you don’t actually need to be taught, perhaps a bit of extra to grasp, to combine the expertise of this world in a bigger entire, the expertise of your life in a bigger entire.

I repeat, in very historical historical past and even on the time of my final incarnation, the powers have been corrupted. They’re nonetheless highly effective. In reality, none of those powers can face open and united hearts, standing beings, individuals who say no, not out of rage however out of affection: “No, as a result of I really like, I cannot quit freedom, I cannot surrender God, I cannot surrender Peace. Perceive that this can be a nice key to this current second. The vast majority of your governments have given up on peace by deciding who the enemy is. There is no such thing as a enemy. As brothers, there could be no wars. With out borders, there could be no wars.

What number of surprises, astonishments or catastrophes are wanted so that you can perceive that you’re Earthlings firstly? This consciousness is already there. This planetary consciousness is already there. Your wars can solely be fraternal, fratricidal, since you solely kill your brothers and your sisters. There aren’t any enemies.

Those that have taught you that enemies exist are those that search to realize unshared energy, for energy centered on themselves or folks like them. I’m for energy for folks like all of you. I’m for the ability of the youngsters of God, and you’re the kids of God, the youngsters of this immense Supply, which seeks in your coronary heart most deeply all of the Love which you’ll be able to deploy on this earthly area of expertise.

Expensive souls, all of this deserves the passage that you’re going via. All this openness deserves this time. Don’t curse this era, it’s revealing. It’s the most revealing Apocalypse for every of you, for it reveals each who you’re individually and collectively, and it additionally permits you to select who you wish to be individually and who you wish to be collectively.

Having mentioned this, I hear those that say to me: “  I’m awake, however so many beings are nonetheless asleep  .” It’s God’s position to awaken those that sleep, and the alarm clock rings. Don’t be alarmed, don’t be anxious. All the things right here, regardless of appearances, is completed to your good.

Will the Beings of Mild and the Invisible Worlds be extra noticeable  ? 

In reality, they already are. In reality, every of you is having increasingly more deep and wealthy experiences with the Past. Little by little, you’ll be taught to speak together with your useless, to speak together with your Guides, to speak with Nice Lights, and this on a scale of twenty years not on a scale of a number of lives, however properly for almost all of you on this existence. You received’t have that have daily and second like a few of you might, however you should have that have, you’ll have these communications, you’ll have these moments. And that is additionally why the planet is reworking its vitality area , it’s not for egocentric functions, but in additionso as to adapt your vitality, to adapt your vibrations to the finer reception of those different worlds of the optimistic Past. Pay attention to this.

Typically you curse these circumstances, so I repeat, if you happen to had the hindsight of my soul and even yours, you’d perceive, expensive souls, expensive masters, that every thing is completed to your highest good, as soon as once more.

Tips on how to free your self from the thoughts  ? 

It’s the query of a lifetime generally. That is the query of a lifetime for some. The reply is straightforward, nonetheless, we free ourselves from the thoughts once we cease giving it energy. We free ourselves from the thoughts once we search to change into a extra pure being, extra current to our deep wants, to our deep wishes, with out attaching ourselves to them both as being primordial, however by paying attention to this, by being listening to his deep Nature and his physique too.

As you realize, in any other case I point out it, spirituality doesn’t consist in ignoring the physique, in getting into a very ethereal state, quite the opposite, in reconciling one’s physique. So in your time and period, I’d say that you’re extra in your psychological physique than in your bodily physique. This bodily physique is primordial for you and also you know it, nonetheless you may have given thought all energy. It has energy, however your phrase spoken by the physique has a better energy. Your actions, your acts via the physique have a inventive energy far superior to your ideas.

Take it again, reinvest your physique after which, if you hear repeated ideas, take the time to inform your self, so as to add one other maybe lighter thought, a thought that claims: “I don’t grant you the ability to harm me. I don’t grant this thought the ability to destroy this physique. I don’t give him that energy.”

Oh ! it’s easy, Maître Saint-Germain. Do you assume this easy sentence may help us? Do you assume that’s sufficient?

I don’t assume so, I do know it, whether or not it’s true, whether or not it’s spoken inwardly or outwardly with all of your knowledge: “  I don’t grant this thought the ability to destroy my physique  ”. And I insist, your ideas don’t destroy the Divine Essence that you’re, alternatively your ideas at all times destroy part of your physique if you happen to allow them to take an excessive amount of energy. You’re going to allow them to gnaw on the within, relatively than utilizing your company from the skin to alter circumstances. Notice this. Don’t shut your self up, your Divine Nature can do something. This fact will set you free.

Notice that you’re already related to the highly effective Being whom you name upon. Notice this now.

As I communicate to you, flip your coronary heart and thoughts inside. Know how you can hear the silence, and pronounce these phrases:

“  I empower Peace. I give energy to Love. I settle for Pleasure  ”, the easy, aware pleasure, already current in you, “  the enjoyment of nonetheless being there to have this expertise  ”.

You see, if you say “the enjoyment of being there to have this expertise”, your thoughts begins to usher in what might dissolve that pleasure: there’s warfare, there are earthquakes, there are powers abusive. “  I don’t give energy to these ideas. I don’t give them the ability to destroy the peace and love inside me.  »

See how the ideas proceed to combat inside you. Watch them like a stressed youngster. Let him wiggle. Let that thought put on itself out and repeat inside your self, “  I cannot give energy to those ideas. I’m. I Am . »

See how peace settles a bit of deeper inside you, by letting a thought do its internal battle, letting go of its maintain on you, and permitting the Everlasting Mild to the touch you, Everlasting Information to the touch you, Everlasting Life to the touch you.

I’m sending the violet fireplace of transmutation to every of you, in order that it enters deep into your being and liberates you.

On the earth in transformation that you’re experiencing, you ask me what’s the place of the opposite kingdoms ? 

Vegetable, animal, mineral, these different kingdoms similar to you’re reworked and undergo. You realize, struggling is the deep name to transformation. Whether or not suffered or induced, it’s a name to transformation that’s desired by the soul of every one. It’s onerous to imagine, I do know. A few of you’ll say, “No canine requested to be crushed. No crystal requested to be tortured and crushed, escaped from its mountain. You’re flawed, expensive kids. The soul of every of those beings made this request. That doesn’t imply it’s proper, from a human perspective. It implies that it’s proper, from a divine perspective, and you possibly can remodel this expertise of struggling into an expertise of liberation, as a result of all struggling is confinement. It’s as much as you to liberate your self and to liberate these beings from the opposite planes, from the opposite realms when you possibly can. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that this expertise is just not desired or fascinating, the Plan is true. Regardless of your judgments which proceed to dissect the great and the unhealthy incessantly, every factor, every occasion is used. There’s a deep place within the plan of Common Love. You realize inside you that my phrases are proper.

You additionally hear the resistance of your ideas to my very own phrases. “  It might probably’t be proper Grasp, God can’t need evil.  In reality, evil doesn’t exist. Evil is the looks, the lever that pushes a human or different people, since you are an developed unit, to advance much more in its area of affection, in its area of expertise of life on this world. Evil is just not compulsory, I agree with you, nonetheless evil is beneficial and imagine me, if you happen to assume God is just not utilizing it, then you definitely don’t know who the Creator is.

All the things is used, even when it’s generated by your self, as a result of you’re the supply of a lot evil. And once I say ʺyouʺ, I’m not solely speaking in regards to the human being, the animal kingdom is just not as peaceable a kingdom as you think about. It’s a very warlike reign, which additionally lives its warlike broods.

The mineral kingdom additionally generally assaults rocks. You’re used, as a result of these realms reside in one other rhythm, to imagine that they’re at peace, peaceable, calm, alternatively if you happen to accelerated the temporality, you’d see the rocks and the crystals preventing one another, attempting to beat total territories there too for survival. This battle appears to be like peaceable when seen in your time, actually when seen in time, it’s not.

Cease believing that you’re the supply of all evil. You could have created and manifested it many instances, and you’re undoubtedly essentially the most highly effective creators of this world, that mentioned, the opposite kingdoms even have a supply of this in them, and don’t decide it, as a result of, I repeat expensive souls, every thing is utilized by the Lord himself.

I’m tonight the spokesperson for different Guides who accompany me, who go via my phrases, who go via this voice, via this consciousness and all of us agree that we’re right here for you, with you and thru you too, and we’re current to awaken you to your self, to humanity, to ʺhumanitudeʺ, as I started my speech. Every of you is ready for it. Every of you is prepared, prepared. Simply be affected person.

Entry this energy of the current.

Don’t let your energies disperse.

Act consciously.

Reveal your unit.

That is the progress of this month.

Month to month, we’ll enable you. From month to month, we’ll reply different questions. We’ll reveal as a lot as we will supplying you with all a couple of clues, a couple of bits of awakening, in an effort to pluck that plant that’s already inside you, expensive souls.

The group I characterize salutes each consciousness, each house of sunshine, expensive masters. Keep in mind, you’re the grasp and disciple of your self, it can’t be in any other case.

Be blessed, and thanks for having accepted in you and round you, our phrase. She is just not the one divine supply of data, your coronary heart is the Supply of all of it.


**Channel: Sylvain Didelot




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