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Reaching for a Deeper Understanding of Life – Period of Mild

Our tradition presents God as an entity that’s separate from us, if there even is a God. In experiments that anybody can duplicate, physicists have decided that each entity is aware, based mostly on how photons know the place different photons are; how they impart with each other and the way they’ll change into fractals of themselves with the intention to illuminate one thing and fill all pathways to their aim. These skills point out intelligence, intent and consciousness on a subatomic degree. This and different experiments with subatomic energies immediate us to conclude that each one waves/particles show consciousness. They’re the essence of the expression of all the pieces. If all of our constituent entities, from sub-sub-atomic on as much as all the pieces comprising our our bodies is aware, then our our bodies additionally should be aware beings.

We’re intimately linked with our our bodies, and if we’re unusually perceptive inside, we will notice the intelligence of our physique’s constituent entities, and we will really feel their refined presence, their state of vitality and their vibratory expression. These items are current in common consciousness, awaiting our consciousness and recognition. As soon as we’re able to a deep consciousness of our body-consciousness, we will detect the symbolism of any defects that our our bodies could have. These point out a blockage of life pressure because of limiting beliefs about ourselves, leading to bodily deterioration. We have now etheric irritation. Bodily defects have a high quality of power imbued with negativity and a few degree of worry that we maintain about ourselves. The topic of our worry is symbolized by what our body-consciousness has created in resonance with our aware vibratory spectrum, our power signature.

Concern of struggling and diminishment, and finally worry of termination are based mostly on our perception in our mortality and separation from God. We have now been taught that we’re unbiased entities, maybe with a spark of life that we obtained from our dad and mom and on via our ancestors to the primary people, who someway arose and expressed aware and separate bodily life. The issue with this angle is that physicists have discovered that the electro-magnetic essence of our empirical world, consists of waves-particles. These are consciously linked with all different wave-particles in every single place and know the place one another is at any second and what type they’re expressing. If all sub-atomic waves/particles have at minimal a species-wide aware consciousness, they’re consciously linked in addition to being people. Separation seems bodily, however the essence of each entity is a part of a common consciousness that fills everybody.

If there is just one consciousness that each entity participates in, there might be no separation of consciousness between entities in our important being. In our deepest consciousness we can’t be separate from the Creator of all. All aware life pressure arises consistently inside common consciousness, imbuing all entities with aware, individualized life pressure. We’re those who can wield our aware consciousness in ways in which we freely select to specific ourselves. As soon as we free ourselves from our perception in separation, we will notice our expanded consciousness past ego-consciousness. We will really feel our heart-consciousness and notice the fact of our interior understanding past the empirical world of duality.

**By Kenneth Schmitt




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