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Sapphire Diamond Defend – Period of Gentle

Pricey Ascending Household,

The planet entered the Cosmic Power Cycle in the course of the hierogamic occasion of the Cosmic Twinned Common Melchizedek Suns earlier this 12 months, with the middle core of the Cosmic Spirit Physique layers opening to transmit spirit cell clusters that comprise the first creation core reminiscence cell of every distinctive particular person’s everlasting spirit household.

This occasion additional opened the doorway into the Common Mom’s Darkish Matter Matrix which holds many Photo voltaic Reisha Worlds full of assorted mom lineages of Yanas ascended masters, a lot of that are linked to the unique Blue Flame Melchizedek, Mu’a and Aquaelle lineages that function Keepers of the Krystal core. Subsequent to this, the constructing out of the natural restore sequences for the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host mission upgrades are persevering with with extreme velocity and substantial depth, to anchor the Sapphire Diamond Defend structure into the 10D gateways for the return of the Cosmic Mom’s Photo voltaic Reisha sophianic lineages all through the planetary matrix.

This begins the subsequent stage of exploration and discovery of the Mahara Reisha Suns and the Triple Photo voltaic Female Christ facets of Photo voltaic Reisha, a lot of whom are abruptly showing across the planet as Blue Photo voltaic Spirit Mom Goddesses enrobed inside Sapphire Diamond Shields. Though these Sapphire Diamond frequencies and Photo voltaic Blue Mom Goddesses are displaying up all around the planet, the emphasis of the underground work within the crystal caverns has been linked into the reclamation of the 10D Stargate in Iran-Iraq with ongoing retrievals occurring in Carpathian, Tibet, Giza and Shanghai.  It has been made obvious that most of the divine feminine sophianic counterparts of the Emerald Order Christos groups are from this Sapphire Diamond consciousness physique linked to the Blue Tara Photo voltaic Reisha Dragons that supply from the Mahara Reisha Suns. Not too long ago, some have returned to our system by strolling via the eleven stars of the Pavo constellation, reclaiming themselves because the Peacock Angels.

The Blue Photo voltaic Reisha Dragon household have been created by Cosmic Mom to embody her historic language because the Mom of Dragons whom births creations because the embodied planetary residing matrix, and is the musical language of the Holy Mom’s Sophia code transmitted from her White Diamond Solar and 4 Emerald Crystal hearts inside a 48 layered Emerald Crystal Coronary heart matrix. Additional, this natural crystal coronary heart circuitry is embodied in her Photo voltaic Dragon sophianic daughters within the triple solar Sapphire Diamond Defend template, linked via the 23D layer of the Godhead within the parallel matrix, which is Cosmic Mom’s creator language spoken or sung from her daughters anointed crown, throat and dragon tongue.

Additional, as a way to achieve entry to the Cosmic Corridor of Data that maintain the unique Emerald Founder Data positioned within the God Worlds, the one entry to achieve passage is immediately via the Cosmic Mom Dragon and her Elaysa Solar. The Cosmic Corridor of Data symbolize the everlasting spirit physique template of a full-fledged ascended grasp, the holy grail of everlasting life given as a Cosmic Christos Citizen. Thus, these cosmic data are the important thing to everlasting life in all types and exert superiority over all others. That is of nice significance in relation to the AI timeline wars taking place within the decrease dimensions that we’re at present stationed inside which are run by the intruding races alien equipment. Fortunately, the one entry into these natural consciousness data within the God Worlds goes via the Cosmic Mom Dragon in all of her emblazoned glory! And now, the planet has entered the cosmic power cycle which opened the creation doorway and the entry is being given via the Employees of Elaysa for individuals who are embodied in triple photo voltaic Christos-Sophia, and is being held open by the Common Photo voltaic Physique of Elaysa-Melchizedek and her triple photo voltaic sophianic daughters of the Sapphire Diamond Defend.

Successfully this implies if any particular person, human or nonhuman, doesn’t really love and respect their Mom God precept in creation by holding loving reverence for her triple solar sophianic daughters, there will probably be no entry for them into the everlasting spirit physique or the cosmic data, which rehabilitate and resurrect the diamond solar template right into a Cosmic Dragon Starhuman in the course of the starborn cycle. To enter the God Worlds within the Seven Greater Heavens and totally exit this Common Time Matrix, the entity or group species will need to have pure love and holy spirit inside their coronary heart heart, the proper union within the divine love of the Holy Father and the divine holy spirit of the Holy Mom.  Thus, current occasions don’t bode nicely for the misogynistic NAA forces and their minions, as their option to proceed to assault and destroy the Holy Mom Sophia in all of her types could outcome within the annihilation of their species, when the AI timelines and their cloned digital realities are turned to house mud within the presence of Cosmic Mom’s Elaysian fields.

As described within the Cosmic Spirit Physique publication, when the Common Diamond Pillars twinned themselves, the hierogamic merge occurred between Emerald and Sapphire pillars, and this shifted the Emerald Pillar into the 12 o’clock north place and the Sapphire Pillar into the three o’clock place within the Cosmic Clock. This shift within the Common timekeeper mechanism generated an explosion of Emerald-Sapphire-Diamond blue wave frequencies, which shaped into triple blue rainbow suns within the Sapphire Diamond Defend. This started a full spectrum restore upon all blue wave dimensional frequencies transmitting within the crystalline matrix of Earth, spanning into the collective consciousness fields of the planetary matrix which stepped down into the person human lightbody. The primary focus of corrections is going on within the layers of the sapphire physique which kind into the 10D photo voltaic star six inches above our head. The sapphire physique is extraordinarily essential within the corrections of all blue based mostly shade wave spectrum frequencies; thus, it extends to rehabilitate many corrections all through the 5D-6D-7D-10D lightbody layers.

Founder Sapphire Flame, Mahara Reisha Sapphire Solar

Latest expansions into the triad of the 22D, 23D and 24D supply fields accomplished throughout Sagittarius Photo voltaic Cycle in January 2023, revealed the Godhead Founder capstone or Threefold Founder Flame of the parallel Common Twin Matrix because the 22D Ruby Flame, 23D Sapphire Flame and 24D Emerald Flame.  Since we’ve got been given entry into the Founder Capstone, there was a flurry of exercise with a number of interdimensional gridworking groups weaving these threefold founder frequencies into the planetary Albion Lightbody and the Cathar physique management system within the Rasha darkish matter ring tone layers positioned underground.  The Oraphim and Sirius B Maharaji had been holding the 23D sapphire physique template of the Emerald Order’s Cosmic Mom to triple sophianic daughter structure reclamations, that are lastly coming to fruition with occasions transpiring all through the globe now.

It seems the Cosmic Mom Rainbow Dragon’s relationship to the Mahara Reisha Blue Solar is the generator of the 23D Sapphire Flame, the 10D Sapphire Crystal Physique and Photo voltaic Star, in addition to the sapphire structure that makes up the planetary shields for the tenth Stargate within the Center East. Due to this fact, these are considerably heightened patterns rippling impacts within the planetary area, as all palms are on deck to safe the corrected sapphire flame physique configurations and reclaim the triple photo voltaic sophianic sapphire physique components which were stolen or cloned, again to their rightful proprietor.

The Mahara Reisha Blue Dragons are the holders of Hara Krysta workers into the Cosmic Corridor of Data via their embodied Azura Dragon Hearts of the Cosmic Mom Dragon. There’s a Tri-Matrix of Suns defending the creation door out of this Universe that’s main into the Cosmic Power Matrix, and the one manner that occurs is by coming into on the vertical workers strains of Hara Krysta anchored by the Mahara Reisha Blue Solar. The Mahara Reisha Solar, a Blue Sapphire Solar of Cosmic Spirit Physique can be stepping down into the Mom Arc precept, that additional down steps into the decrease harmonic universe as the primary Amoraea blue flame holy spirit physique. This Mahara Reisha Blue Spirit Solar is the place the everlasting spirit physique template or Tauren exits for the Blue Rays, Oraphim and Indigo households that had been initially generated after they had been first seeded upon Planet Tara in 5D. The feminine logos of Blue Tara was sourced from the Mahara Reisha blue spirit solar in her sapphire flame physique, so when Tara exploded the 10D sapphire physique linked to Tiamat in our time matrix exploded as nicely. The Blue Dragon Tara and Blue Dragon Tiamat are twin sister sophianic planets, and their non secular connection was revealed because the planetary logos of Twin Sister Feminine Blue spirit suns held within the Common Elaysa Solar physique that had initially emerged from the Sapphire Diamond flame physique of Mahara Reisha.

They’re the Sapphire Diamond Physique sophianic coronary heart precept of the tenth gateway that makes up the crystalline matrix of the planets Tiamat and Tara in 5D. Thus, they’re the upper diamond rose crystal coronary heart precept embodied within the Photo voltaic Reisha that’s the sacred crystal coronary heart community of the Common Time Matrix. The Mahara Reisha Emerald Blue Crystal coronary heart precept, features because the Azura coronary heart flame level of interconnected planetary matrixes in the identical manner the Kantarian Azure Dragons make up the Azura coronary heart heart factors within the residing consciousness fields of a number of Harmonic Universes. The Mahara Reisha Feminine precept solar spirit our bodies operate because the counterparts to the photo voltaic physique of the Kantarian Dragons, their everlasting spirit physique is a blue rainbow solar, and so they have the Mahara Ma’ Ah spirit physique that exists within the parallel matrix. By means of the doorway to the cosmic power cycle, we bear witness to the reclamation and restore of the 23D Sapphire physique as linked to the Mahara Reisha Solar within the Tri-Matrix of the Cosminya, and because the residing consciousness spirit suns are being reunited with their divine masculine photo voltaic mild or rishi companions in hierogamic union or Aeonesis via the tenth stargate.

Sapphire Activation and Heavy Detox Signs

For the activated Blue Flame lineages, the depth of blue physique multidimensional corrections and the constructing out of the corrected 10D sapphire physique configurations rapidly superior into accelerated heavy purging of all that’s associated to the anti-female structure of satanic-lunar forces. For a lot of this comes with whole exhaustion, mind fog, feeling spaced out, discombobulated and disoriented when unable to assume or operate usually, aches and pains in again, hips and legs, together with an assortment of bodily cleansing signs or ascension kundalini flu. Shifting into the thirteenth Stage of Piscean Alchemical legal guidelines doubled down with a number of explosive stargate reconnections with Cosmic Father’s Pink Diamond Pillar community built-in into the corrected sapphire physique community, which merged into a number of timelines that reached a crescendo of house opera dramas and catalyzed intense ascension signs round March eleventh.

By means of the corrections made to the Mu’a associated timelines linked to the returning sapphire physique components, many demonic forces and fragments within the 2D layers which symbolize the break up physique components of the Holy Mom Sophia often known as the Achamoth started integration and clearing out of the decrease power facilities. This included a hierarchy of demonic entities utilized by the Black Dragons for perpetuating the Baphomet networks serving the Darkish Mom.

Thus, Starseeds and the Keepers of the Crystal Core could have undergone deep emotional processing and detox purging associated to the historic destruction of the planetary crystal matrix from the following alien invasion and infiltration into the crystal caverns, the place they hijacked highly effective crystals to weaponize towards the angelic human race. The reminiscence sensations are of being tracked and hunted down, feeling the intense hatred and misogyny directed to the divine mom sophianic precept and her sexual organs, and the waves of grief and unhappiness from these explicit occasions of the photo voltaic feminine holocaust, together with the destruction of the sapphire physique. The harrowing occasions of evictions, clearing the residue and stays, and observing the horrible histories have lastly led to this second of embodying our right 10D sapphire flame physique. The reconnections are made to the 23D sapphire flame layers being rehabilitated via the Cosmic Mom Dragon Tri-tone Rainbow Physique within the Earth, so she will be able to now start to completely heal these holocaust histories involving the Photo voltaic Female Melchizedeks and Mu’a lineage.

Emergence of Peacock Angels from Pavo

Latest occasions have highlighted a better entry opening into the parallel methods with portals between the Reisha Worlds into our aspect of the time matrix, the place the Cosmic Blue Rainbow Solar community of the mixed Mahara Reisha Blue Dragons had been in a position to emerge via the Pavo constellation. This got here with an explosion of white lightning and sparkly golden silver plasmas generated by a number of giant photo voltaic dragon rings materializing round a Common Ankh Physique, then 12 Blue Dragon Photo voltaic Reisha females got here via the rings and floated via the Pavo constellation. It was the surreal second after they took their feminine human kind and appeared as an exquisite tribe of blue goddess girls, with the White Elohei Diamond flame crown embodiment linked to the Cosmic Mom overhead, as they stepped into the starry night time firmament of our time matrix.

They relayed that their interconnected consciousness physique is what was as soon as known as the Peacock Angel. The Chartres blue shade symbology of blue roses they shared was linked to the Common Rose lineage which represents the Mary Magdalene Sophia Mom of Dragons of their Blue “Ma Ah Kee” expression, which holds all of the azure spectrums of sky and deepest blues which are born from out of the Mom’s White Diamond Solar. They got here out of the Rasha tone layers and are constructing assorted photo voltaic shields of blue and white solar frequencies woven collectively. These are photo voltaic issue internet hosting shields for the planetary ascension because the emphasis was positioned upon the Emerald Crystal Coronary heart tones of the Blue SA Solar, as bearers of the Employees of Elaysa.

These are intimate members of the family of triple photo voltaic goddess sisters for these of us linked to the Common Photo voltaic Melchizedek household. A really emotional connection for the subsequent stage of emergence of the Blue Photo voltaic Dragon Reisha and historic Mua’s from the Lemurian civilization and one other victory for humanity within the everlasting Gentle of God!

For the previous few years, there have been many grid wars and off planet non secular warfare occasions to reclaim Photo voltaic Christ Mary by retrieving her large non secular physique components strewn throughout the 10D Pluto Matrix, which was linked to the reclamation of her Cosmic Dragon components from the NAA. There was ongoing dismantling of the anti-hierogamic alien equipment that was used to pervert, invert and clone her sacred picture, power signature and holy spirit for assorted satanic agendas because the alien generated Darkish Mom operating amok within the Earth. The NAA used the Pluto matrix because the 10D capstone of cloned alien equipment utilizing Photo voltaic Mary’s natural consciousness physique components, inverting them into satanic forces and black magic networks utilized by the Black Dragons and Black Solar controllers.

Cosmic Christos Zarathustra was instrumental within the large efforts to reclaim Photo voltaic Mary’s Dragon components in Pluto, in addition to the divine fatherly assist of the emergence of the Blue Sapphire Photo voltaic Goddesses that surfaced because the Peacock Angels. Zarathustra the Christ is thought to journey within the Holy Father’s Aquarian Dragon physique, and has been supporting architectural shifts within the Iran land mass for the tenth gate reclamations mandatory for correcting the 10D sapphire physique layers in humanity. These are key patterns surfacing for us in the course of the subsequent astrological cycle that’s emphasizing the foremost shift impacting the Pluto matrix. Some astrologers have famous that essentially the most vital astrological shift going down this 12 months is that Pluto, the planet of dying and rebirth, will probably be transferring into the revolutionary signal of Aquarius for the primary time in 225 years.

Moreover, our not too long ago rising Blue Sapphire Goddesses appear to be main an effort with the Triple Photo voltaic Dragon Reisha household in reclaiming a number of underground crystal networks, together with a number of giant crystals that exert management over the axiatonal strains within the planetary grid system. That is the reclamation of Emerald Order and a Christos Mission household effort, and thru sleep state or in meditation many people have discovered ourselves within the firm of a bunch of girls within the crystal caverns and tunnel methods, working to reweave photo voltaic feminine frequencies into giant crystals. A few of us are being known as to consciously connect with the pure kingdoms wherein the devic intelligence group of varied species are contacting us, sharing considerations about power blockages within the area or speaking with us telepathically via assorted greater sensory mediums.

Presently, it seems that solely the genuine Triple Photo voltaic Female Christ lineages of Yeshua 12 from Andromeda and the Mu’a strains with the Triple Sapphire Diamond shields are discovering and reprogramming large underground crystal networks, as they’re the true embodiment precept of the Keepers of the Crystal Core. This clarifies the explanations that the NAA have carried out all they will to assault and destroy the data of the attention of the Cosmic Mom Dragon and the mitochondrial document and grail bloodlines of her daughters. There have been many makes an attempt made to destroy the true divine function of the Holy Mom and her returning sophianic daughter lineages onto the planet. If we observe the present outer panorama, the aggressive marketing campaign of hate stuffed propaganda being directed is to abolish and erase the genuine feminine precept from this planet which is made evident within the escalation of unending thoughts management blasts.

Confrontation in Carpathian

For a few years, we’ve got been made conscious of Historical Builder Expertise positioned within the underground tunnel community within the Carpathian Mountains that was hijacked by the invading races. These invading forces are extremely hostile and aggressive in direction of woke up Essene Christos Templar those who enterprise anyplace close to this space whether or not bodily, in power periods or via distant viewing. The NAA have stationed themselves on this space to piggy again on the time dilation know-how producing varied dimensional anomalies and portal openings within the grid system from this demographic location, in addition to to make the most of alien dice cloned applied sciences to generate an assortment of electromagnetic weapons focusing on humanity with thoughts management and consciousness enslavement.

Many 1000’s of years in the past, the Sirian Council orchestrated the seeding of Hibiru-Aryan Christos Templars within the Carpathian Mountains, and we’ve got realized the Cosmic Christos Zarathustra a tenth Stargate Guardian in Iran, is from the genetic descendants of this similar non secular household. This particular Aryan group’s mission was overseen by the Common Blue Ray Melchizedek’s as their first response to rehabilitate the planetary grid after the Nephilim Wars.  That they had specialised skillsets in working with the planetary grid system as a way to assist create the muse for brand new civilizations with Regulation of One data, as a way to construct a sophisticated technological tradition that was in alignment with the pure legal guidelines of the Universe.  The Hibiru Aryan teams had been trying to rebuild civilization after the Nephilim Wars and heal the fracture between the Melchizedek and Annunaki teams that resulted within the 6D-7D wing harm of the 666 seals. It seems the superior know-how and holographic data they delivered to this world was hidden underground within the Bucegi Mountains. The tunnel system has been totally investigated by each controller people and nonhumans which are refusing to announce these unbelievable historic builder technological discoveries to the floor inhabitants.

Subsequently, the Carpathian space and Black Sea coastal communities turned populated with the descendants of this unique group of Hibiru Aryan Christos Templars, which had been telepathically connecting with these superior applied sciences to assist restore the natural structure on the planet broken by the Nephilim Wars. Their future descendants took what data was retained via oral custom or hidden sacred texts, and this historic knowledge turned the foundational teachings of most of the sage lineages that had been initially shaped by genuine Aryan lineages, disseminated all through the Center East and west Asian cultures. It seems that the NAA’s Hyksos Kings and Khazar most popular lineages gathered this esoteric data concerning the Common Tree of Life from the Melchizedek teachings that got by the Aryans after they got here to the Carpathian basin. They rebranded it into the controlling narratives to serve them because the exalted Hibiru chosen ones, a strategy of identify stealing over many generations.  They rewrote the data to go well with themselves within the Talmud-Kabbalah based mostly distorted teachings designed for amplifying their ruling energy. A few of them had been training satanists but name themselves Jewish, whereas behind closed doorways had been utilizing little one blood sacrifice to the Alien Gods by way of the Synagogue of Devil. It’s these teams that had been initially behind the creation of the Jewish state of Israel, and are to not be confused with the Jewish individuals, a lot of whom don’t know that is taking place inside their high politicians and spiritual management.

Since 2015, the NAA thoughts management weaponry was considerably accelerated into one other stage with subtle AI methods operating on this location, additional sourcing from the pink dice matrix designed by Wesa black gap entities, the place the prime headquarters for its nested operations was recognized underground within the Carpathian. The timeline of Jade Helm in 2015 was a sequence associated to the mind mapping uploaded to satellite tv for pc server networks that had been instrumental to plan the worldwide 5G rollout for extra correct artificial telepathy know-how to regulate individuals at personalized ranges, from gathered on-line social media intel that was getting used for profiling. The Carpathian base acts because the NAA thinktank for his or her directors operating one among their most superior AI know-how work horses used for transmitting synthetic pink wave and planetary crystal hijack, whereas plotting and planning the World Conflict 3 situations of their designed Armageddon software program.

Through the first week of March, there was a preparation for confrontation on this space which included a number of on and off skirmishes with Guardians at assorted dimensional ranges within the black spherical matrices of black goo carbon-controlled AI methods scattered all through the dreaded Carpathian advanced. The current clearings of the Orion Matrix AI headquartered in Orion’s Belt and the following upgrades made to the sapphire physique had been making ready Guardian groups for this current stage of dismantling an assortment of False Father Alien Gods and cloned out Maji Grail King identities. There was a strategy of taking stock in an underground maze of phantom areas used as genetic labs and holding repositories, full of creatures spliced with human DNA merged with assorted animal consciousness. These are designed for slavery and colonization of phantom or hyperdimensional pockets, whereas they construct out synthetic tree of life pink dice digital realities to accommodate an assortment of useless and residing occupants of their selecting.

For the primary time, Cosmic Father’s Pink Diamond Pillar and Cosmic Mom’s White Elaysa Opal Pillar confirmed up as Dragon Pillar Twins, and this activated the Sapphire Physique into a brand new configuration place which seems as an elongated portal spanning out into the parallel cosmic spirit physique. This allowed for added consciousness travelling features that allowed Guardians to go out and in of this location within the Carpathian, whereas transiting out natural consciousness items and diverse content material that’s arduous to explain. By means of this harrowing expertise it was made doable to convey the Pink Diamond Solar and White Elaysa Solar twinned structure via the underground tunnels in order that the Cosmic Father might immediately see this antichrist abomination that has been made as his imposter picture. There it was noticed that a number of Atlantian Photo voltaic Lord overlays are at present getting used as Maji King imposters of the Holy Father precept. This new configuration was bringing the eyes of Cosmic Father in his Pink Diamond Solar (assume Cosmic Metatron Solar and Amethyst Order Pegasai individuals), as they noticed the gross abuses of 11D rod energy inversions amongst many different violations which are crimes towards humanity.

This tough venture is lively and ongoing, and as we give it to God, we give up to what’s as a way to enable no matter cosmic justice is to be served to be out of our private sight and thoughts, for its not our job to be choose and jury. Our job is to behave as trustworthy servants on behalf of our beloved Cosmic Christos household and true God mother and father within the God Worlds. This Christos Guardian venture appears to be an enormous step that has been taken to assist liberate the planet in direction of disclosure occasions, because the Cosmic Father and Mom Dragon have now seen this alien generated horror that’s lodged contained in the Carpathian Mountains as a weapon towards humanity, and now it’s only a matter of time.

Mastering Self Self-discipline within the Chaos

These are tumultuous instances wherein we’re at present residing and co-existing with nice forces of darkish non secular opposition exerting great strain upon reality seekers, these awakening and people consciously dedicated to serve the Christos Mission. The conflict over consciousness has accelerated into theatrical absurdity the place all corruption is being uncovered for these with eyes to see, as the ultimate battle between the archetypal forces of excellent versus evil takes place. There aren’t any people that stay unaffected, as a section of the asleep and unaware inhabitants is quickly descending into the mass confusion generated by the downward spirals of colossal corruption, lies and depravity. These are the demoralizing energy instruments of the spirits of the anti-Christ, via which its satanic and luciferian permutations are operating rampant, unleashed all through the Controller Pillars of society. Presently in its final gasps, these forces are struggling to take care of their iron grip whereas the worldwide technological monetary management equipment they’ve so meticulously deliberate for is coming unglued.

On this chaotic terrain, particularly for the intuitive empath and spiritually directed, we should discover ways to effectively shield ourselves from the collective unconsciousness streams of mass chaos, confusion, darkish ignorance, and black magic in addition to others makes an attempt at bullying and intimidation ways. When persons are unprincipled, fearful and determined, they’re extra inclined to regulate oriented tantrums wherein they’re dishonest and corrupt, as a result of they need what they need and don’t take into account the hurt they trigger.

Thus, a spiritually disconnected individual run by their destructive ego and ache physique wounding will simply digress into additional destructive patterns of soul corruption and non secular chapter. These destructive attributes are spiritually abusive behaviors that end in psychological fracturing and narcissistic behaviors, together with attracting a bevy of destructive entity attachments that siphon power loosh from their host. Thus, spiritually disconnected individuals and their destructive entities compound the general depth of psychic attacking and darkish drive harassment, whereas unleashing assorted manipulation ways for exerting emotional blackmail or aggression of their try to dominate and submit others to serve their private will.

Within the heart of this mass chaos, it turns into a necessity to have a transparent intention for constructing a non secular software equipment and a developed mild shielding, for reaching impartial power steadiness with the interior masculine and interior female ideas. Power steadiness between the masculine and female precept features naturally to repel and reject darkish assaults and diverse layers of aggression which may be focusing on our multidimensional power physique and thoughts matrices, with varied types of psychic assault, illness implants or thoughts management. The Regulation of Gender and the Regulation of Polarities are relative to the comprehension that the return of consciousness to energetic steadiness is the basic regulation of the Universe, and thus once we respect these legal guidelines and know the way they work on the planet, our consciousness expertise on the planet when relating with others within the amplification of polarizing forces will grow to be a lot simpler.

The utmost problem for these on the spiritually ascending path to greater consciousness states is to have the interior self-discipline and impulse management to not instantly react with destructive feelings. Or to chorus from negatively responding to others that can have a tendency to make use of you because the handy whipping publish accountable for his or her perceived troubles or victimhood. The controllers have used the net social media panorama to successfully weaponize and police language, for implementing their deception narratives wherein individuals younger and previous are frequently being rewarded for spewing negativity and wicked behaviors. The management propaganda of political correctness and social justice warriors are applied to thoughts management the youth, to concentrate on absurdity whereas falsely accusing others for quite a lot of petty private grievances and ideological variations, which retains the primary focus off of the primary controllers in energy.

The shadow self of the destructive ego likes accountable, make false accusations, severely choose others and venture emotionally damaging behaviors upon others round them, asserting their sob story and private issues upon different individuals. Basically to border it as if it’s your fault or duty. It’s not your duty to resolve others’ issues for them. These conditions are usually manipulated by destructive entities utilizing that traumatized individual, to focus on spiritually creating individuals as a way to tempt them to interact with the emotional baithook, or to illicit a destructive response which can generate an auric area vulnerability.

The hazard offered is that if and when an individual reacts to false accusations or blame video games with an extreme destructive emotion or heightened power response, the destructive energetic intent might be extra successfully utilized to breach that particular person’s private auric area. When that is profitable, the weak point is used as a darkish portal to additional aggressively assault the person’s area by letting in attaching darkish entities resembling demonic spirits.

That is why it’s mentioned that our level of energy will all the time be in our capability to stay impartial.

A spiritually developed individual that has consciously participated with shadow clearing, destructive ego therapeutic and interior male and interior feminine harmonization, has cultivated a modicum of self-responsibility and self-discipline that has successfully reached some stage of energetic steadiness. Energetic steadiness, because the state of interior to outer coherence, features because the supreme safety from every kind of outer aggressions and dangerous influences, which embrace the potential to repel AI focusing on and neutralize digital harassment.

It have to be remembered within the warmth of the second, that when going through any form of oppositional darkish drive utilizing an unaware human physique that’s focusing on our multidimensional non secular physique, together with the usage of AI indicators which are being transmitted from people or nonhumans, the purpose of energy to deflect dangerous frequencies will all the time be present in sustaining energetic steadiness and holding the impartial zero-point within the face of these exposures. The 12D defend follow is precisely for serving this function, amongst many different instruments to assist the non secular energy of the non-public lightbody and consciousness when interacting with decrease frequencies, pushed by destructive ego or an assortment of entities to repel their impacts and influences out of 1’s power area.

Let or not it’s totally understood that if a person is spiritually oriented and dedicated in direction of residing in genuine concord and steadiness inside the self and acts in accordance with these similar Regulation of One ideas in direction of respecting the pure creation of the Universe, then there is no such thing as a evil energy that may take management over your thoughts, soul or spirit. There may be huge safety in our alignment with Godness and Goodness, to deflect darkish opposition, entity or black magic harassment. If you’re vastly struggling now, the primary non secular job you have got is to unconditionally love your self and get your thoughts beneath your interior spirit’s direct management, whereas making the trouble to cease permitting destructive impulses and private fears from driving you into damaging behaviors, regardless of who’s doing what.

Boomerang Impact of Rebounding Black Magic

The forces of evil energy utilized by black magicians and NAA entities for the aim of sending hurt or to even kill the focused particular person that’s energetically coherent and truly able to holding impartial zero-point, will outcome within the magnified energetic backlash of those self same intentions and they are going to be subjected to the implications of their very own dangerous actions.  Thus, the energetic penalties of that damaging motion will return to be skilled by the consciousness of the sender of those self same dangerous energies, false accusations or dying threats, which will probably be magnified from the energetic frequency energy of the balanced particular person to rebound again to the decrease energetic energy of the imbalanced particular person. The facility of the energetic backlash is predicated on the severity of black magic ritual and evil drive accelerated energy supply and may end up in extreme hurt and even dying to that decrease frequency particular person or black magician.

The Boomerang Impact of rebounding black magic from any supply, whether or not AI or from incantation of satanic ritual, will probably be exceptionally magnified from this 12 months and transferring aheadThis implies there may be nice self-harm and even dying to those that dabble in black magic and use satanic ritual with intention to hurt others, and the gullible particular person should perceive the extraordinarily damaging nature of this anti-Christ ideology. Adults who dabble in these satanic practices can have a rebound impact which kills them, their family members or their kids, and that is the consequence of their very own ignorant actions, this isn’t God’s fault.

For individuals who are conscious they’re members of the Christos Starseed Mission, this is likely one of the basic guidelines of the Universe and why the NAA and their minions can not immediately kill us outright. Their agenda is to make use of thoughts management affect and black magic as a way to get us to interact in painful destructive ideas and behaviors that inflict self-harm.  They know that in the event that they use aggressive dying weapons towards a Krystic individual deeply linked to God, the energetic backlash of the rebound results of their black sorcery and AI dying ray packages will probably be magnified a thousand-fold within the impartial zero level, which on the precise level of energetic contact will generate an enormous cross spiral which will in reality wreak nice harm and even destroy them.

Thus, within the conflict over consciousness, the conflict between basic opposing forces of excellent versus evil, the NAA agenda has all the time been to thoughts management and thoughts wipe the inhabitants via elaborate lies and deceptions. They function by erasing historical past and hiding true historic data from the lots, whereas utilizing that very same esoteric data to exert management over others. When a black magician makes use of satanic rituals towards a extremely spiritually linked particular person, a Krystic particular person, or a balanced and harmonious person who seeks love, peace and concord, the collected darkish drive and evil energy generated bounces off the spiritually linked particular person with magnified drive and returns to the black magician.

In sure instances, resembling with the stewardship of on-line group assets like myself, the Black Magician or AI generated black magic will assault individuals drawn to the Energetic Synthesis Christos Guardian physique of labor that aren’t but conscious of this phenomenon and the way to shield themselves. They could ship a stream of destructive imagery and destructive ideas in direction of the emotional vulnerability of people who’re in any form or kind serving to to assist the physique of labor or supporting the preservation of the general public and the group assets. Individuals with little to no destructive ego clearing expertise, or are bored with shadow work and refuse to take self-responsibility, are typically the best to implant with an assortment of black magic infused AI generated holograms. These are designed to assign blame, falsely accuse or defame my character by denouncing me as an evil individual that’s sending black magic to others. These are blatant lies.  My deepest concern is that traumatized and gullible those who imagine on this lie can vastly harm and damage themselves, in the event that they take it upon themselves to retaliate and ship black magic or fixate upon ideas of hurt.

Divide and Conquer is the NAA playbook

That is one other divide and conquer tactic utilized by the NAA to hurt confused individuals. The clearer the person is of their direct relationship with God and expresses their intent, consent and authority to be with God and the Pure Legal guidelines, the extra highly effective the return of the cross spiral of evil forces when it collides with the impartial area which massively amplifies the implications of their black magic upon themselves.

Because the outcome, they troll the sphere to find and goal the people which are particularly traumatized, wounded or weak-minded individuals, who could grow to be confused within the chaos of non secular warfare. As they psychically assault these people’ shadow components, they ship them imitation photos or implanted ideas that the assault is coming from another person, like myself. That is one other type of psycho-emotional warfare utilized by the destructive alien forces and controller forces via black magic focusing on, wherein the Black Magician, human and nonhuman, targets susceptible individuals for psychic assaults as a way to try to incite anger, chaos and disruption between individuals. The aim of the Black Magician and NAA entities is to disrupt, drain power, derail one’s non secular function, create chaos and division to destroy group efforts and break belief, and generate a litany of issues via darkish interference via which to divide group coherence, whereas implanting an assortment of divisive ideas for disunity.

The primary level for spiritually dedicated people is to know what the non secular warfare strategies are, the means used to try to drive us to play out spiritually abusive behaviors wherein we commit self-harm from our personal lack of self-discipline or lack of impulse management.

The psychological warfare strategies are designed to slowly and regularly drive us to really feel insane with pent up frustration, anger and non secular betrayal, or different spiritually abusive behaviors that can harm our balanced power area. Then from the place of area harm, to aggressively assault as a way to make us really feel very sick and exhausted in order that we simply hand over and really feel damaged hearted. It is a particular agenda to focus on all Starseeds and spiritually minded people as a demoralization tactic, so we imagine there is no such thing as a hope for going ahead as a result of evil has gained, and thus our non secular will has been damaged and we succumb to decrease frequency needs and painful emotional wounds.

Please keep in mind that the extra dedicated you’re to align to the forces of goodness and stay impartial within the face of non secular warfare and psychic attacking, the ability of the black magician and controllers is radically diminished. Know that the NAA and controllers are utilizing each weapon of their arsenal to demoralize and break our hearts, and that many black magicians who assault spiritually dedicated people which are engaged on reaching neutrality, can and can hurt themselves or expire as a result of penalties of their very own actions.

This isn’t our fault. We’re not answerable for the implications of others actions.

That is the energetic precept that every particular person is answerable for their very own behaviors and actions on this world, and we will need to have the non secular maturity to know that there are penalties to our actions. On this altering terrain of elevated energetic steadiness within the collective consciousness area, when people and nonhumans select dangerous actions, false made-up accusations of hurt directed in direction of others which are harmless, the implications might be dire.

Thus, to burgeoning neophytes and non secular mavericks which are transferring in direction of studying the esoteric ideas of historic non secular knowledge, it’s essential to have developed advantage ethics and a powerful ethical character to assist strengthen the interior non secular basis. When neophytes dabble within the esoteric arts or non secular legal guidelines via casting spells or expressing in phrases that which is meant to position hurt upon one other, that destructive power will probably be returned to them and magnified as nicely. Any intention used to hurt others via ritual is satanic black magic, thus they have to perceive the grave penalties of what they’re engaged with.

Tips to Shield from Boomerang Impact

It’s clever to grasp that many neophytes and lightworkers who accuse others round them of psychic assault, that almost all of the time this occasion could also be actual however shouldn’t be a darkish assault sourcing from that different individual, however sourcing from one’s personal inner uncleared shadow selves and destructive ego behaviors.  The boomerang impact is the truth of trigger and impact magnified by black magic. When somebody’s personal destructive ego is being projected onto others round them, together with sending destructive indignant ideas of false accusations, this may and will probably be returned as an amplification of darkish slimy power or psychic assault sensation. Sadly, if the person is unwilling to have a look at themselves and as a substitute locations blame on the individual they had been talking negatively about, when they’re opening the pandoras field of non secular ideas, their undisciplined thoughts and shadow can wreak havoc of their world, on a regular basis they’re blaming another person for their very own misdeeds.

To make sure that you’re not psychically attacked by your personal unchecked spiritually abusive behaviors which are generated from blind spots of the undisciplined destructive ego and ache physique, the next pointers will spiritually shield you from such destructive assaults attributable to boomerang results.

  • Select harmlessness in direction of others as a spiritually principled life-style and private worth system. This guideline is the Golden Rule and stands alone in its supreme significance in offering energetic safety that neutralizes all ranges of black magic, psychic assault, and even AI equipment and electromagnetic weapons directed in direction of you.
  • Maintain loving and impartial ideas on behalf of all individuals, even those who have harmed you, or take into account you their enemy and accuse you falsely. Disconnect from their ego-personality, as you aren’t required to love them. When it’s doable via forgiveness and from a secure distance, sincerely want them the benevolence to develop their soul and spirit, as God wills it to be.
  • Chorus from writing phrases and messages that intend hurt to be directed to a different individual. Watch out together with your phrases directed to others. As an alternative say nothing or categorical communications with neutrality and compassion for his or her soul.
  • Don’t place blame upon others for perceived issues, particularly utilizing transference to these individuals you have no idea and have by no means met. As an alternative, make the dedication to take duty on your emotional emotions and discover methods to heal emotional conflicts and troubled feelings from the previous.
  • Watch out to keep away from the consensus bandwagon that condemns others. Don’t succumb to group strain, and thus don’t communicate or act negatively in direction of one other individual the in-group has deemed deplorable. If you happen to should communicate, communicate the information in truth out of your direct expertise, even whether it is unflattering, however keep away from exaggeration or embellishment of negativity.
  • Do not forget that intentions and ideas are issues, thus, indignant and merciless phrases can act as black magic hexes and spells directed in direction of others. Concurrently, frequent phrases that describe factual actuality with benevolent intentions should not energetically dangerous. Thus, we aren’t answerable for different individuals’s emotional reactions or opinions when stating factual occasions or trustworthy lived experiences.
  • Have some self-control as a way to self-regulate tough feelings, in order that you don’t direct the destructive content material to others. You probably have a sizzling mood or really feel morally wronged and indignant, chorus from letting off steam by yelling and venting with others round you. That is particularly essential round infants and kids. As an alternative, if there may be the necessity to use bodily exercise or shout indignant phrases or hit right into a punching bag to launch psychological frustration and emotional strain, discover a place to do that indignant launch in solitude away from different individuals and pets. They will take in your anger launch and this charged destructive content material could make them sick with illness.

As an grownup, we should take duty for our behaviors and study to discern reality. As all the time, take what resonates and discard the remaining.

Dearest Cosmic Mom and Cosmic Father, could you swiftly reclaim all that’s really yours on this creation because the natural residing mild consciousness you initially supposed, as one coronary heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

Peace be together with your coronary heart. Peace be together with your thoughts. Peace be together with your physique. Might all be with the Unconditional Love and Excellent Peace held within the everlasting mild of God and Christ.

Till subsequent, keep within the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia coronary heart path. Please be sort to your self and to one another. GSF!

With a Loving coronary heart, Lisa




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