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St. Patrick’s Day 2023: Honoring the Celtic Custom of Sacred Creation

The Celtic custom is the indigenous custom of an amazing a part of Western Europe that has gifted us with lots of the Rhineland mystics whom we rejoice within the creation spirituality lineage.  From Hildegard to Eckhart, from Francis of Assisi to Dominic, Julian of Norwich and extra.  The scholar Scotus Erigena within the 9th century and Pelagius within the 4th century took on St. Augustine’s dualisms as did Thomas Aquinas within the 13th century. 

“Lifetime of St. Francis of Assissi.” (The Lifetime of a Mystic) Portray by José Benlliure y Gil. Wikimedia Commons/Public Area.

It appears then that St. Patrick’s day is an efficient time to mirror on Celtic knowledge and acknowledge its likeness to indigenous knowledge in North America and elsewhere the place additionally matter and the cosmos are understood as bearing the sacredness inside them.

Particularly presently in historical past when the planet and all of the methods and species of the planet discover ourselves in grave jeopardy due to local weather change led to by people turning our backs on the sacredness of creation.  As we do additionally after we as soon as once more interact within the folly of struggle that threatens each the well being of the earth and the way forward for humanity and democracy and extra.

Stained glass picture of St. Brigid
Wikimedia Commons

In his wonderful research on Celtic spirituality known as Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul, Scottish theologian John Philip Newell* brings alive Celtic knowledge. He reminds us that the “earliest recorded Celtic Christian group was in Lyon in second century Gaul” the place Irenaeus of Lyons (c 140-202) was a number one theologian who emphasised that matter is sacred.  Newell shares different Celtic lecturers akin to Pelagius, St. Brigid, Scotus Erigena, John Muir, Teilhard de Chardin and extra.

The high-standing crosses of the Celtic world generally stood greater than twenty ft in peak and mirrored the Celtic worship outdoors in “the nice cathedral of earth, sea, and sky.”  Typically planted deep within the earth. they level to the “connection between grace and nature, spirit and matter, heaven and earth.”  

Picture by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

They consisted of two symbols—the primary of Christ and the cross; the second of the cosmos–a solar or circle picture that overlays the cross—a resurrection image additionally maybe?  “Thus, Celtic artwork speaks of Christ and the cosmos coming forth from the identical level of origin”—the Cosmic Christ subsequently?  “The sacred was seen because the very coronary heart of all issues.”

On St. Patrick’s day, allow us to rejoice this creation-centered knowledge of the Celtic world. 

*John Philip Newell, Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul: Celtic Knowledge for Reawakening to What Our Souls Know and Therapeutic the World, pp. 26-28, 83f.

See additionally Charles Burack, ed., Matthew Fox: Important Writings on Creation Spirituality, pp. 198-217. 

And Fox, Unique Blessing and The Coming of the Cosmic Christ.

To learn a transcript of Matthew Fox’s video instructing, click on HERE.

Banner picture: Eire: the nice cathedral of earth, sea and sky. Picture by Sean Kuriyan on Unsplash

Queries for Contemplation

Do you are feeling recovering the sacredness of matter and cosmos and earth are on the coronary heart of a renewed spirituality right this moment?  How do you observe that?

Beneficial Studying

Matthew Fox: Important Writings on Creation Spirituality

To encapsulate the life and work of Matthew Fox could be a frightening process for any save his colleague Dr. Charles Burack, who had the complete cooperation of his topic. Fox has devoted 50 years to creating and instructing the custom of Creation Spirituality and in doing so has reinvented types of schooling and worship.  His greater than 40 books, translated into 78 languages, are inclusive of right this moment’s science and world religious traditions and have woke up thousands and thousands to the a lot uncared for earth-based mystical custom of the West. Important Writings begins by exploring the influences on Fox’s life and spirituality, then presents alternatives from all Fox’s main works in 10 sections.
“The vital insights, the inventive connections, the centrality of Matthew Fox’s writings and instructing are second to none for the novel renewal of Christianity.” ~~ Richard Rohr, OFM.

The Coming of the Cosmic Christ: The Therapeutic of Mom Earth and the Delivery of a World Renaissance

In what could also be thought of essentially the most complete define of the Christian paradigm shift of our Age, Matthew Fox eloquently foreshadows the style through which the spirit of Christ resurrects when it comes to the return to an earth-based mysticism, the expression of creativity, mystical sexuality, the respect due the younger, the rebirth of efficient types of worship—all of those mirroring the continued blessings of Mom Earth and the restoration of Eros, the female facet of the Divine.
“The eighth marvel of the world…convincing proof that our Western non secular custom does certainly have the depth of creativeness to reinvent its religion.” — Brian Swimme, creator of The Universe Story and Journey of the Universe.



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