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The Finest Weblog For Religious Ascension and Awakening

The Knees
One of many largest and most complicated joints of the human physique, it’s the knees which permit motion to happen between your higher and decrease leg. With out knees you’ll stroll stiff and upright, transferring solely out of your hip joint. With out knees, you wouldn’t be capable of leap and bounce to nice heights, as you couldn’t bend your legs to provide the contraction you want with the intention to rise. It’s your knees that mean you can stroll or run, as in addition they mean you can ‘select the tempo’ at which you journey by means of life.

An ‘Out There’ Joint
Bodily, knees are an ‘on the market’ joint, as properly. They’re so weak ‘bodily’ and but are positioned below a lot stress from your entire physique and thoughts. Simply consider it. Your knee cap (the patella) faces out to the world, in whichever path you level it in. When sitting, it may be the furthermost level of the physique that receives and provides vitality to and from its environment. It’s usually the first level of name in receiving the drive of life. Have you ever ever knocked your knee cap and almost jumped out of your pores and skin? And likewise, have you ever ever been struck behind the knee, inflicting you to virtually immediately collapse?

Certainly, it’s that very ‘vulnerability’ of this life directional centre, which leads to the knees deserving a particular place throughout the functioning of the vitality methods of the physique – the chakras

The Knee Chakra
Proper behind, by means of (and in entrance) of the knee is a vortex of vitality, a convergence of above and under, that sits inside your vitality discipline of sunshine. This vortex is generated by the functioning of the knee, because the centre which permits us to bend and flex, selecting our life path (and pace) at will. The Knee Chakra is small in comparison with that of your main vitality centres. It’s related in dimension to the chakras generated on the soles of your ft. Certainly, the two are linked. I sense the knee chakra as being in regards to the dimension of an outstretched hand.

Your knee chakra works in tandem together with your base or root chakra and serves to stabilise your presence within the bodily world. Each time, I start a therapeutic session, I’m intuitively drawn first to the knees. I place my palms upon them or within the vitality discipline simply out from the knee caps. This serves to stability, stabilise and floor the vitality circulate of the particular person I’m working with. And I all the time obtain the suggestions of how comforting and supportive it feels to carry and embrace the knees. Attempt it now your self. Simply place your palms over your knee caps. Maintain your palms there for a minute or so and really feel the deep sense of stability and safety that’s generated by your targeted consciousness. Your knees might even start to speak with you. What do they are saying?

Your Bridge Between Dimensions
You see, the knees function a bridge between dimensions. They’re the bridge between the vitality of above, the cosmic circulate and the vitality of under, the Earth circulate. And thus, you possibly can contemplate them to be a bridging vitality between your non secular actuality and your bodily actuality. Particularly, they function the bridge between actualising your non secular path whereas dwelling your bodily life. Your knees interchange vitality and messages between your higher vitality centres (these related together with your non secular path) and your decrease vitality centres (these related together with your bodily path). This is among the key explanation why your knees may be put below such pressure, notably when you regularly select to disregard the messages and steering of spirit and proceed to reside a purely ‘bodily targeted’ life.



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