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The Full Reality Coming Ahead – Period of Mild

I’m Ashtar. I come right now, on this nice time of change that you’re on, the modifications which can be occurring in all places round you, and definitely inside you.

You might be all feeling these modifications extra, and extra, and extra inside you. The vitality is flowing an increasing number of freely inside you, and you’ve got tailored to the energies which have been coming in from these nice planets of the photo voltaic system, by way of these nice beings that ensoul these planets which have been bringing that vitality to you from the Nice Central Solar of this universe, by way of the entire galactic central suns, all of these beings that ensoul these galaxy suns. Vitality flowing down. Mild waves flowing down. Gamma gentle waves flowing down, bringing you into the upper vibrations within the planet. These gamma waves coming into the planet, elevating the vibrational frequency to larger and better vibrational frequency to the upper dimensions inside this realm. And you’ve got been adapting to those energies an increasing number of with the intention to take these energies.

In order that throughout you which can be dropping their minds, feeling the concern, expressing the concern in many various methods, simply as these of the darkish forces need them to do. However you, these of you, that know, these of you which have the eyes to see and the ears to listen to, you recognize higher to not really feel the concern. To not really feel the panic that others round are an increasing number of starting to do. For you know how is open in entrance of you, even to those who really feel the best way is closing to them.

However you’re the ones, you are these Wayshowers. You’re the ones which can be paving the best way ahead, exhibiting the best way to all of these which can be able to additionally see and listen to the reality as it’s coming ahead. For nothing, and no-thing, can cease it right now, despite the fact that they could proceed to strive, and they’re going to, and they’re. However all of their phrases–phrases of concern, phrases of dying, phrases of sorrow–are falling on deaf ears to these of you that won’t hear them.

And I, and all of these which can be working right here with you and thru you all, beseech you now to proceed to maneuver ahead step-by-step. Don’t fall again. Don’t enable the fears to return up inside you. For there’s actually nothing to concern besides concern itself. For in actuality, in your new actuality that’s coming upon you an increasing number of, and inside you, there’s nothing to concern. For concern is simply however an expression, an expression that holds you right down to the third-dimensional phantasm. However you’re shifting past that illusionary veil. And for you, that veil not exists should you deem it to be so.

However my pals, you’re on the verge of a fantastic many modifications which can be coming upon this world and upon you, not the least of which shall be our ships exhibiting an increasing number of inside the sky, and an increasing number of folks wanting up at these skies and seeing these ships, as a result of their third eye is opening an increasing number of to match to their bodily eyes.

And as an increasing number of look to the skies and see our ships, these of the forces of darkness won’t be able to do something to cease the reality coming ahead, the total disclosure coming ahead. And it is coming ahead. Smooth disclosure has reached its finish. You might be about to see the total reality coming ahead from many various sources. As I say once more, you’re on the verge of a fantastic many modifications to your world.

I’m Ashtar, and I go away you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you’d extra absolutely proceed to attach along with your Larger God Self, simply as we did right here on this expression in your meditation.

**Channel: James McConnell

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