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The Journey – Period of Mild

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves right here, and Shoshanna is right here, and we’re able to proceed this program, this program that we began a while in the past.

However be ok with it! It’s a good program that we’re working with you. It’s not a program that you simply need to overcome, however a program that you simply need to embrace! Embrace this system of affection, and program of the ability inside you. Embrace this system of going second to second in your life.

Embrace this system that that is merely a journey alongside your life. Embrace this system that you don’t want to come back to a last vacation spot, as a result of there isn’t any last vacation spot. There’s at all times simply the journey as you progress alongside.

So discover the enjoyment in each second inside that journey, and you will see the enjoyment in your life.

We’re prepared in your questions when you’ve got them.

Visitor: Sure, I’ve one.

OWS: Sure?

Visitor: Final week I despatched out an e-mail and it had ot do with these new Med-Beds which can be out. They’re known as the Tesla Med-Mattress Facilities, they usually gave us an e-mail handle to ask for a session. So I did, and a pair others in our group did additionally. I’m undecided about it, so I used my crystal pendulum and requested it if I ought to belief these individuals, and it mentioned no. So I’m asking you: what do you’re feeling about this specific group, this Tesla Med-Mattress Middle?

OWS: It’s not a lot of what we really feel, it’s so a lot of what’s identified right here. And it’s identified that you need to belief your self. We all know that isn’t the reply that you really want right here, however we can’t inform you somehow how you need to transfer about your each day enterprise right here. That’s as much as you and to your Greater God-Self. So if you’re trusting your Greater God-Self to achieve you and provide the understanding that you simply want as to easy methods to transfer ahead, then that’s what you must do.

Now, in that technique of doing as you’re doing, it could result in one thing else, after which to one thing else but after that. That may be a trace we’ll give right here.

As a result of what is going on is a course of. It’s a starting technique of bringing these new applied sciences ahead right here. And they’re coming. As these ones which can be bringing this info to you, no matter sources it could be, are bringing the method ahead right here as we discover it. So embrace it. Embrace the modifications as they’re coming to you, and these gadgets, these applied sciences might be launched, and are within the technique of being launched proper now. Okay? Shoshanna?

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Greater Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

Oh, we’ll share right here.

OWS: Excellent. Sure.

Shoshanna: Could we share, Pricey Brother?

Visitor: Oh sure, thanks.

Shoshanna: Pricey Brother, we perceive the reply that One Who Serves gave, and that’s correct. However we’ll go additional right here. Though we should always not, we’ll go additional right here, and we’ll say that your pendulum is right. Namaste.

Visitor: Oooh, thanks! That was what I wanted to listen to. Thanks very a lot. Oh, all of it, than you very a lot, each of you.

OWS: We are going to say right here, when this info is extra absolutely launched, there is not going to be any query of doubt right here as as to whether it’s actual or not. Okay?

Visitor: Nice. Thanks. And simply together with that, about my crystal pendulum. Infrequently I’ve a doubt whether or not is it at all times my Greater Self that comes by my pendulum, or can one thing like a darkish entity are available in and provides me a unsuitable reply?

OWS: We are going to quote the sensible one, Yoda, in your ‘Star Wars:’ “and that’s the reason you failed, as a result of you don’t consider.”

Visitor: Aha! Okay, thanks.

OWS: Sure. Very sensible one, that one, by the best way. Very sensible.

Visitor: (Laughs gently) Sure, true.

OWS: Would there be different questions right here?

Visitor: I’ve been serious about my inquiry final week about strolling in a figure-8 sample. The aim of my talking now could be to ask for a deeper understanding. I’m asking principally Shoshanna as a result of she gave me info that the observe is historic. And please, I want to obtain some further info to grasp.

OWS: Since Shoshanna was the one who gave you extra of what you’re on the lookout for, we’ll flip that over to her then.

Shoshanna: Pricey Sister, we’ll share right here. Could we share?

Visitor: Sure, please. Thanks.

Shoshanna: Pricey Sister, what do you want to know?

Visitor: The aim and the tip impact, and the intention of once I begin strolling in figure-8’s.

Shoshanna: Pricey Sister, we’ll share right here. We perceive your need. We are going to inform you that there is no such thing as a shortcut right here. You have to proceed to comply with your steering. And as you comply with you steering, many of those solutions might be revealed to you, you see. We aren’t given the permission to present these solutions instantly, as a result of it’s your journey, Pricey Sister, to find why you’re doing this, and the aim for it’s yours to seek out, not ours to present, you see. So that you should be affected person, enable the method to happen.

You possibly can meditate upon this and we promise you, that if you’re not anxious about this and if you’re prepared to be affected person and proceed the method, these solutions might be revealed to you.

Our coronary heart goes out to you, as we want to provide you with solutions, however it’s not inside our permission, inside our purvue to reply this for you. This is necessary so that you can comply with this your self, and to find what it’s you’re doing. Namaste.

OWS: Excellent. We’re prepared for subsequent query, if there’s one.

Visitor: I used to be listening to different channelings from Megan Rose. She was speaking, and any person requested “Valnec” a query about clones. Valnec responded by saying that 75% of the Earth’s inhabitants are clones. My query to you is, is that right? That’s very unsettling! (laughs).

OWS: We’d ask you first right here, what’s your feeling on this, since you say it’s unsettling.

Visitor: I’d say at most 50%, however 75%, three-quarters of your complete planet, I feel that’s false.

OWS: We’d say it’s a nice deal lower than that. There isn’t a indication that past these of the cabal and their forces that there’s any cloning occurring. And even a lot lower than what you would possibly consider when it comes to what is going on. Particularly now because the cloning operations have been largely shut down now. This can be a little bit greater than we wished to present on this, however it’s okay, we can provide this to you, and we now have. Shoshanna, do you’ve gotten something you’d add right here?

Shoshanna: We are able to share right here. We are able to share a deeper understanding if we might, Pricey Brother. Could we share?

Visitor: Anytime.

Shoshanna: Pricey Brother, the very first thing that we’d ask, as we have no idea this channel, we have no idea the knowledge this one could be offering, we’d ask what’s the definition that’s getting used right here? What’s the definition of ‘clone’ for this one? Have you learnt?

Visitor: I don’t.

Shoshanna: This phrase has a broader which means, as people come again once more, and once more, and once more, and once more, reincarnate, reincarnate, reincarnate with a lot of the identical mission, with a lot of the identical DNA, with a lot of the identical course of as a result of they haven’t accomplished what they got here right here to do, and they also simply maintain coming again. They aren’t awake but. So if this one meant that this ‘cloning’ is as a result of it’s a repeat, then we’d say, Sure! Many of the inhabitants is repeating. It’s reincarnating to proceed the journey, as they haven’t accomplished it. After which there are numerous which can be dwelling what known as a ‘pivotal lifetime,’ which is a completion cycle, the place they’ll transfer on toi ascension. So we have no idea what they meant, and maybe you’d want to discover that with those who have been asking the questions. Namaste.

OWS: And at all times know, as you hear any info, how does it really feel to you? How does it carry the sensation to you? And that is a sign, then, of what’s actual and what’s not actual for you. Okay?

Visitor: Thanks.

OWS: Are there every other questions right here?

Visitor: Sure. Good. As a result of that was the primary a part of my query. Lovely, Brother, you requested a part of it. Okay. So I did hear somewhat one thing extra: I heard clones, or not-ensouled beings. And what that made me marvel, and I feel you answered a variety of it, JoAnna, however let’s simply tweak it somewhat bit extra and see if there’s any sense to this. That makes me marvel if possibly there could also be a way we’re sort of manifesting unsouled replicas to satisfy no matter our life journey is, and possibly they then disappear, I’m speaking like nearly as in a online game. Proper? And also you go right into a room after which there’s all these beings in there which can be doing no matter you’re doing in that room. However then you definately depart, and they aren’t there anymore. Are we doing something like that, that might trigger them to say the nonsouled beings, or do you suppose it’s the primary? As a result of he appeared very on-point with every part else, that’s why. I used to be jiving with him, after which we bought hit with this. So is there one thing like that occurring?

OWS: We’d say right here that a lot of the inhabitants of this planet is ensouled. So there’s not that indication as we discover it right here. There are these, although, which have moved past the soul, you would possibly say. They’ve left their soul or let it go, when it comes to the cloning course of, sure. However it is vitally, very minimal right here, as we discover it. However we can’t provide you with way more info on this, as a result of that’s going to come back out within the occasions forward when it comes to the reality coming ahead and being revealed right here. Shoshanna, possibly you possibly can add extra?

Shoshanna: We are able to share right here. Could we share, Pricey Sister?

Visitor: Sure, please. Thanks.

Shoshanna: That is past difficult right here. We are going to try to elucidate it, however it’s past, this can be very difficult.

So the very first thing that you need to perceive is what the soul is. What’s a soul?

The second factor you need to perceive is, is that the soul, which is the connection, the a part of God that you simply stay as a human being, is in charge of every part. And even when there was a being that was a man-made being known as a clone, the reminiscence of that being is recorded. It is part of the akashic report. It’s in pursuit of finishing a mission that the soul has positioned as a part of the journey of the human, you see. So the being that you simply name ‘clone’ that doesn’t have a soul, does have a soul. It’s a part of the being that created it, you see. So if man created a clone in his picture, that clone turns into a part of man and turns into a part of the soul report, and turns into a part of the akashic report. So there is no such thing as a such factor as a being not being ensouled. It’s all a part of the report, you see. We hope this is smart to you, Pricey Sister. Namaste.

Visitor: Sure. It does make sense. Thanks a lot.

OWS: Excellent. Then we’re prepared to maneuver on. Are there every other additional questions?

Visitor: I’ve yet another.

OWS: Sure?

Visitor: Final week, Blossom Goodchild and the Galactic Federation that channels by her have been saying that there’s what they name “Fergus the fungus,” and it was going to be launched on the world, and that we’d all have to remain inside. I do know it feels like worry porn, however I assumed I might simply cross it by you.

OWS: It’s not worry porn right here, as a result of there are the plans, we’ll say right here, of these of the darkish forces, of the cabal, which have varied issues up their sleeves, we’ll say right here. Extra of the plan that they’re making an attempt to carry ahead. And a type of is a sort of, we is not going to use the time period fungus, however a sort of sickness making a worry that they need to launch to the inhabitants of the planet. However perceive that even when they do try that, these of the Forces of Mild, your Alliance, already know of this forward of time. They already know the plans transferring ahead right here, and they’re able to intercept it, simply as they intercepted the one known as Covid which was not wherever close to what these of the forces of darkness tried to carry ahead as a result of the Mild Forces overcame it and have been in a position to reduce in varied approach the implications of the complete drive of what that they had meant to launch right here. So it’s a persevering with course of. One facet does this, and the opposite facet overcomes it in varied methods, you see? Battle of Mild versus darkish. And that may be a persevering with course of. Bu it’s coming to an finish. As a result of the tip, as we are able to see right here, just isn’t far off when it comes to the Forces of Mild coming to, we received’t say a last battle, however it could look like that. And it’ll largely overcome that which the forces try to do right here. We hope this answered it considerably with no direct reply right here, as a result of we can’t give direct reply as a result of it’s a part of the vibration and consciousness of the planet because it continues to maneuver ahead. And as you already know, in every second, consciousness and vibration modifications. Shoshanna, do you’ve gotten one thing to share right here?

Shoshanna: We want to share. However we want to get clarification on this. Could we share, Pricey Brother?

Visitor: Oh, sure. Completely.

Shoshanna: Pricey Brother, what’s it that you simply heard? What’s it that you simply consider?

Visitor: Oh properly, you already know, I simply occurred to run throughout this channeling, and I listened to it, they usually have been saying that there was nonetheless one thing arising, like a scare tactic, worry porn to me, however Fergus the fungus. And, you already know, I don’t like shopping for into these issues as a result of if I give credence to it, then I assist create it. In order that’s why I introduced it up, simply to clear the air with it.

Shoshanna: And are you asking, Pricey Brother, if the assertion was true or false?

Visitor: Yeah, just about.

Shoshanna: It’s false.

Visitor: Oh, good. Yeah, good.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

Visitor: Nice, thanks.

OWS: Excellent. We take yet another query is there’s, in any other case we’re able to launch channel.

Guets: I’ve a query.

OWS: Sure?

Visitor: Yesterday I had an opportunity to spend a while with a good friend who’s going by some tough conditions of their life. And anyway, we have been chatting, they usually have been giving me their Christian perspective, and I used to be attempting to present some info that we now have discovered from Historic Awakenings, and so forth. So that they checked out me in confusion, and I laughed and mentioned, “Oh, let me simply do the Vulcan Thoughts Meld, like in Star Trek.” I bought one other confused look, so I mentioned, “Right here, let’s do that!” and I grabbed my hair and whipped it round and mentioned, “Right here, join this to your ponytail!” So we did this, and it was sort of like in enjoyable, as a result of they by no means noticed the second Avatar, and I used to be attempting to elucidate about we’re all one with the water, and so forth, and whole one consciousness. Anyway, I simply left it, and we have been laughing, and I simply handed it off. However they mentioned, “Oh my gosh! I’ve tingles throughout me!” I assumed oh my gosh, that is bizarre! Then they mentioned they nonetheless had this actually ice chilly feeling proper on the again a part of their again on the neck space. Oh my gosh, I had it too! I assumed, oh my gosh, that’s like Avatar, proper? So I assumed I might ask you in the event you might clarify that. Is that actually occurring?

OWS: We’d say right here, you don’t have to ask whether it is actually occurring, since you already know the reply to that. However we’d say that it’s actually a sign right here of the glimpses as we now have been talking of.

Glimpses don’t should be only a visionary glimpse. They could be a vibrational glimpse, feeling, blissful feeling, a way of tingling within the physique, most of these issues which point out reality, which signifies reality to the one that’s feeling it on the time.

So, sure, that’s what that is. And you’ve got, what you’d name, opened the door for this one who believes right here, to start to awaken.

Visitor: Thanks.

OWS: Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: Oh we are able to share right here. Could we share, Pricey Sister?

Visitor: Sure, please.

Shoshonna: Pricey Sister, those who resonate to this film, to this documentary, this Avatar documentary that’s now two documentaries, those who resonate, why do you suppose that’s?

Visitor: They’re awakening. They’re recognizing it.

Shoshanna: And why did they acknowledge it?

Visitor: I feel, crammed with extra mild.

Shoshanna: Pricey Sister, they’re recognizing it, as a result of they’ve lived it! They’ve been that. They’ve been these creatures. They’ve lived in these worlds. They acknowledge it deeply as a result of they’ve been these beings. They know what it’s to join. They know what it’s to develop into one with all issues.

The Avatar film was meant to point out that each one issues are linked! All issues are one! One impacts the opposite, impacts the opposite, impacts the opposite. And, the human that resides within the third-dimension has actually misplaced that idea utterly for probably the most half.

These, like your self, that resonate deeply bear in mind. They’re remembering. So we giggle somewhat, we discover pleasure in your assertion. We don’t imply giggle at you, we’re discovering nice pleasure in the concept that you’d join with one other human being: “Give me your ponytail, I’ll join it to my hair,” as a result of that’s what you already know! That’s what you’ve gotten carried out! That has been the expertise for you that has labored on one other realm, on one other planet. And, the results of feeling is as a result of it’s actual, you see. It’s a actual expertise for you, and you’re imparting that have to a different.

Pricey Sister, you need to perceive that you’re far superior from most, and that’s the reason you tried this. Namaste.

Visitor: Thanks. That was nice! (Laughs)

Shoshanna: Namaste, Pricey One.

OWS: Excellent. And we have to launch channel right here now. Shoshanna, do you’ve gotten any parting message?

Shoshanna: Nicely, we’ll say that when one resonates deeply to the reality, it’s as a result of it’s. And when one resonates deeply that one thing is fake, it’s as a result of it’s. There’s actually no different factor. That when a being is in contact with who they’re, and has tapped into the upper steering, which is at all times there, then that which they expertise is true, or that which they expertise is fake, is only for them, and to belief the self, to belief that that’s their journey. Namaste.

OWS: Excellent. And we might merely say be form to 1 one other. Go about your day discovering the commonalities between you, slightly than the issues that draw you aside. And you will see as you do that that you may be increasingly in a position to be within the second and discover that pleasure within the second. Simply be good to as soon as one other as a lot as you probably can.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

**Channel: James McConnell



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