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The Psychic Energy of Hair

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Expensive Cosmic Neighborhood,

Every one in all us has a very distinct relationship to hair. It’s possible you’ll both love your hair, detest it, be detached to it or have by no means thought an excessive amount of about its operate, outdoors of being one thing that naturally grows out of your physique, serving as a mark of your private identification. But, hair is a lot greater than we give it credit score for.

Specifically, in in the present day’s ALL-NEW weblog submit, let’s dive in deep and discover the esoteric side of hair. We’ll have a look at the psychic powers that hair carries and generates, as you study that irrespective of you probably have lengthy hair, brief hair, curly hair, straight hair or no hair, that the supply of your hair is the place all of it stems from: and that supply is similar for us all.

What’s hair? What are goosebumps?
Let’s start by taking a look at what hair is. Hair originates deep beneath your pores and skin with a hair follicle (pores and skin indentation) having its personal nerve, blood and muscle provide. On the base of every follicle is the dermis (the deepest layer of pores and skin) which is a bulb the place development stems from. It’s the nerves and muscle tissues across the bulb that generate the feeling of ‘goose bumps’ when it’s chilly or if you’re energetically and ‘psychically’ alerted to an vital message. It’s that feeling of tingles down your backbone!

Every hair is made up of a number of completely different layers. Energetic cells divide and prolong upwards from the bulb in a cylindrical form, steadily hardening and forming 6 layers alongside the hair shaft. These layers are accountable for the power, color and construction of your hair. It’s the protein ‘keratin’ that kinds within the hair shaft and is accountable for the flexibility and situation of your hair. Six is the common numerical frequency of femininity, concord, steadiness and cohesive rhythm. It’s these very energies that every hair follicle emits, serving to you to speak with the upper dimensions of sunshine and sound in an optimum and fluid method.

Your Hair Follicles at Beginning
You’re born with thousands and thousands of hair follicles throughout your physique. And the variety of follicles that you simply’re born with would be the solely variety of hair follicles that you simply’ll ever have. You’re born with all you want, the actual quantity of follicles in your optimum communication to be carried forth from inside (from soul) to the outer cosmic wavelengths of the universe and vice versa.

Lose Your Hair?
Even when you lose your hair by a medical situation, stress or a process to deal with a bodily imbalance inflicting your hair to fall out, it’s very uncommon to truly lose your follicles. They might lay dormant and turn out to be inactive for a time, however dependent upon your specific situation and circumstances, the life power can and can regenerate by them.

Creativity stimulates development

Immersing in creativity and making use of your instinct and creativeness ‘every day’ stimulates the life power inside you and due to this fact, can stimulate the development of hair. Artistic folks are likely to have prolific hair development and energetic follicles. Your weight-reduction plan additionally performs a significant function within the well being of your hair. Plant based mostly proteins are in synergy with the keratin in your hair and can serve to maintain your vitality ranges gentle and in excessive vibration, which implies that additionally you’ll really feel good and be within the cosmic stream. All of which generate cost of the constructive wavelength, which serves to stimulate wholesome follicles.

The Scalp – Your Psychic Hub

It’s in your head (the scalp and the face) that the best focus of hair follicles may be discovered. From an esoteric perspective this makes nice sense, as that is the place your pineal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus mix their energetic power to kind your inside ‘all-seeing’ third eye (the attention of Horus and Ra), your psychic hub of inter stellar communication.

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Your Psychic Radar – An Extension of You – Your Life Power
Contemplate that hair is an extension of your life power and it’s a very potent extension, on condition that your hair follicles prolong down into the deeper layers of your pores and skin, the place {the electrical} frequency inside your cells is at its most concentrated. Because of this your hair turns into a conductor for invisible communication between your religious being and the world of matter and kind, that being the bodily.

The Physique is Electrical (Bio-Electrical)
Not like electron based mostly electrical energy that lights up our world, which consists of negatively charged particles flowing in a present, your physique runs on bio-electricity which consists of positively charged ions of components together with calcium, sodium and potassium.

It’s the bio-electrical present in your physique that conducts the invisible messages exchanged between your mind, coronary heart, nervous system and each organ, proper all the way down to the mobile stage, permitting you to assume, act, transfer, reply and really feel. It’s the vitality super-highway in your physique and it’s additionally linked to your hair follicles. By way of our electrical cost, vitality is transported into the cells and due to this fact, growing the cost in our our bodies can have an effect on the better therapeutic and well being of our our bodies.

Your subject of affect – How MAGNETIC are you?
The physique takes in negatively charged ions from the ambiance by each inhalation, by way of the respiratory cycle. This stimulates the positively charged ions already in your physique and {an electrical} cost vitalises your whole subject. Coupled with the important life power of the soul (religious vitality) your auric subject is produced and your subject of affect is set. The stronger your cost, the stronger your vitality subject and the better your affect extends to the world throughout you. This is the reason being on the ocean, close to salt water (which supplies off unfavourable ions) feels so refreshing, neutralising and calming to us. Salt lamps, salt rooms and salt caves serve the identical function.

Stimulating Bio-electrical Cost for Physique Therapeutic
You possibly can stimulate and improve your bio-electrical cost if you channel cosmic vitality consciously. Drawing vitality in by your crown and thru your arms of sunshine directs cosmic cost into the cells. Likewise, the identical happens by your breath. It’s the bio-electrical system of your physique that conducts your life power and animates you! Breathe out and in deeply and with function.

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Hair as an ‘Antenna’ – Your Communication Device
Given our electrical superhighway of vitality messaging and transference, each follicle in your physique is a receiver and transmitter of life power vitality. And the hair which grows by every follicle may be seen as an ‘antenna’ tuning you into the a number of invisible layers of dimensional frequencies that permeate our universe. As an antenna, your hair and your hair follicles decide up on messages and data that’s flowing by the psychic, energetic airwaves which permeate Earth and also you!

Your hair – Sending and Receiving Telepathic Messages
Your hair actually ‘robotically’ tunes into the refined frequencies and better vibrations of sunshine and sound that most individuals overlook every day, growing your additional sensory notion and harnessing your energy to ship and obtain telepathic messages with others.

Are the myths about LONG HAIR true? Does having lengthy hair improve your psychic energy?
Your hair is an extension of your vitality subject, and given the longer that your hair turns into and the higher the situation that it’s in, the stronger and extra far-reaching {the electrical} present that vitalises the physique additionally turns into.

The Yogis of India know this and develop their hair lengthy on their head (and face) to direct better electrical present by the mind, stimulating their third eye and talent to transmit and obtain ‘prana’ (life power vitality) creating a powerful reference to the divine.

I’ve discovered that the longer your hair turns into, the doubtless extra delicate you may also turn out to be to refined vitality modifications within the cosmic ambiance surrounding us.

As a practising psychic myself, I ‘really feel’ extra like my ‘pure self’ and due to this fact, ‘in my energy’ the longer my hair is. Actually, I used to be born with lengthy hair and needed to have my first hair minimize at beginning! I can all the time keep in mind my mom proudly telling me how amazed the nurses have been with my lengthy black silky hair. They’d by no means seen something prefer it earlier than. I nonetheless have the locks from my first hair minimize. I treasure them.

Follicles are Transmission Tubes
I even have an enormous variety of follicles on my head (with numerous hair, whether or not lengthy or brief). Bear in mind, that it’s the follicles which matter probably the most (relatively than the size of your hair) as they’re openings and transmission tubes for electrical cost and the sending and receiving of psychic vitality.

Lengthy Hair and Telepathic Messages and Readings
Contemplate that lengthy hair can energetically attain in and pin-point the refined telepathic messages which are transmitted from soul to soul. These messages are then transported again into your refined vitality system, relaying steering and messages if you’re studying different folks and conditions. These messages provide you with beneficial insider info.

Hold your Lengthy (or shorter) Hair ‘Bodily’ and Energetically Clear
It could possibly really feel ‘energetically heavy’ to have lengthy hair, if you’re consistently selecting up on psychic electrical wavelengths and messages from others and the cosmos throughout you. You possibly can really feel weighed down with the troubles of the world, until you’re conscious of what’s occurring on the refined planes along with your lengthy hair.

This is the reason I like to recommend that you simply wash and groom your hair commonly, notably after any intensive cosmic vitality shifts. I counsel our group of the sunshine all concerning the upcoming every day cosmic vitality shifts and the way they affect your life (7-days upfront) in The Tip-Off International Power Forecast and Life Information

Energetically Cleaning Your Hair – Hold Your self Psychically Clear and Clear
You may as well energetically cleanse your hair after and previous to any cosmic vitality shift. Simply rub your palms swiftly collectively to stimulate your electrical cost after which run your arms by your vitality subject, notably over the top and hair. Maintain the intention to clear your subject of any discordant extra psychic cost that you simply’ve picked up from others, conditions and the world round you.

This easy every day observe prevents you from absorbing and taking up everybody else’s vitality into your vitality subject. It could possibly assist to maintain you clear and in your energy.

I’ve minimize my hair brief earlier than and whereas feeling liberated at first (letting go of all that psychic vitality transmission potential) it additionally didn’t really feel proper for me. I really feel extra myself and extra capable of be myself and do my work as a psychic and vitality healer, the longer my hair is.

Hair size is a private desire. Honour your emotions and study to work with what your have! Profit from the private state of affairs along with your hair.

We intuitively know what size our hair needs to be, what type, what color and many others. And that may change over time, as you develop and mature as a human experiencing physicality by the sunshine of your soul.

In case you have NO HAIR, SHORT hair, your hair is thinning otherwise you put on hair EXTENSIONS. Does this lower your psychic powers?
In brief, NO. Your psychic powers DO NOT lower the shorter your hair is.

Bear in mind, that it’s all concerning the follicles. Even when you’re bald, your follicles are nonetheless transmitting and receiving {an electrical}, psychic cost and also you’re nonetheless successfully, ‘subtly’ speaking with the collective vitality subject throughout you.

The extra follicles that you’ve got, the better your potential for psychic transmissions.

Shorter Hair – Staying Energetically Clear
Certainly, {many professional} psychics and on a regular basis folks like to preserve their hair brief, for longer hair does have a tendency to carry onto vitality and due to this fact, it may be tougher to clear. Quick hair can preserve you energetically cleaner. As I stated above, longer hair can weigh you down and confuse your individual psychic senses, when you’re unaware of the best way to energetically cleanse your hair and physique every day.

Reducing your hair commonly retains it energetically clear. I like to recommend that you simply minimize your hair commonly when you’re not ready (or adept) at holding your longer hair energetically clear every day. If you minimize your hair, you let go of all of the previous experiences that you simply’ve filtered down by your hair, which is why so many individuals really feel like they should minimize their hair after main life transitions, i.e the ending of a relationship. Reducing the hair and outdated saved vitality provides them a brand new lease on life! A contemporary begin and a brand new starting.

Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are attention-grabbing in that you simply’re introducing both artificial or (another person’s) hair into partnership with your individual on a semi-permanent or everlasting foundation. For some folks it may assist them ‘to really feel’ extra linked with their psychic powers. Maybe you’ve all the time envisaged your self with longer hair (the creativeness creates our actuality) and with the extensions, you now get to grasp your visions. This might really improve your psychic energy!

Cleanse Your Human Hair Extensions – earlier than software
I’ll say this, it’s important that human hair extensions are energetically cleaned earlier than being hooked up to the hair in your head. Even when your hairdresser doesn’t understand how to do that, ask to carry the extensions your self and do the vitality clearing approach that I’ve talked about in the part above about ‘lengthy hair’. When you’ve already had your human hair extensions hooked up, energetically clear them now utilizing this identical approach See what a distinction it makes to your transmission of psychic messages!

Some folks might also really feel that having extensions hampers their pure psychic stream and talent to obtain and transit messages by way of the third eye. It’s purely a private desire. You go along with what feels best for you. ALWAYS FOLLOW THAT RULE. Respect how you’re feeling about your hair and RESPECT how others select to put on their hair too!

Wigs and Hair Items
Wigs and hair items are much like hair extensions in that you simply’re working with both artificial or human hair from one other supply. Every thing that I’ve stated about hair extensions additionally applies right here. Carrying a wig or hair piece can shift your whole vitality subject, notably when you love your new look and that will increase your psychic strengths.

The ancients associations with hair and our psychic powers
All through antiquity, proper as much as the present day, hair has been seen as such a singular identifier and signature of our vitality presence. The Historical Egyptians would shave their heads and our bodies to maintain their vitality stream clear and alert.

They’d additionally put on braided wigs or BRAIDED THEIR HAIR (much like dreadlocks or knotted hair) being worn by practically each historical tradition, together with The Sumerians, Greeks, Minoans, Hindus, Rastafarians, Elamites (Africans), The Aztecs, Europeans and many others.

Braiding the hair BINDS and CONCENTRATES the vitality stream and due to this fact retains the psychic messages locked into the sphere of the wearer. Historical cultures noticed this as a approach to improve their energetic energy and affect.

The indigenous nations of The Americas, are well-known for carrying their hair lengthy, both braided or flowing. Lengthy hair serves as a ‘image’ of their energy and power, which on a deeper stage equates to their psychic reference to the divinity of their lineage. Lengthy hair serves as their connection to nature and the celebrities, grounding them and infusing them with life power vitality. It additionally represents a freedom of spirit, flowing and at one with the divine.

The sensible ones, psychics, seers, witches, and magi usually wore (and put on) their hair lengthy, utilising it as their sacred reference to the divine, elongating and selling their powers in what has all the time been a disconnected 3D world.

Even to this present day a sensible one will make sure that nobody has entry to their hair, holding their very own hair when minimize or having fallen out by every day attrition, burying it within the floor so, that nobody else finds it and in order that they’re psychic powers encoded of their hair, don’t fall into the arms of any untoward sources. Fascinating, isn’t it!

I belief that this weblog submit has answered many questions for you and has stimulated your want to know extra about hair and its refined psychic connections. It doesn’t matter what your relationship to hair is, it’s a stimulating topic and one which I encourage you to delve into extra deeply, as you utilize your individual experiences to information and encourage you in the direction of your reference to the divine ♡

I’d love to listen to your private tales about hair and your psychic experiences. Please be sort to 1 one other when leaving a remark, as hair may be such a ‘sensitive – electrically charged’ topic. Thanks ♡

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Elizabeth ♡

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