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The Wesak Pageant Clears Phantasm – Period of Gentle

Yearly across the full moon in Might we rejoice the Wesak, Vesak Pageant.  For many who don’t know, this can be a time when Buddha returns to earth, and for a lot of, Yeshua returns additionally. They create an alignment of their energies and it really amplifies the sunshine frequency of the planet.

When within the All That Is, the Goddess created a spot the place we may expertise the Wesak Pageant.  I all the time have a way of arriving in a excessive valley within the Himalayan mountains.  For this pageant, there are numerous, many individuals current.  I’ve felt as if I used to be in varied elements of the valley by means of the years.  This yr, we have been proper within the center the place Buddha & Christ descended.

As soon as each have been current, they merged their energies and spoke as one. They spoke about how humanity has been cloaked by phantasm. My sense is that the phantasm was our sense of lack, the management that others have over us, a way of separation from supply.  As they pulsated the impulse of the sunshine vitality into everybody it cleared out any illusions, sickness, lack, or the rest that could be holding individuals down.  This was clearing for the rise in frequency of humanity.

Lastly, they spoke about us being answerable for our lives. they spoke about humanity needing to finish this ascension and that they have been sending energies round everybody in order to offer help. Their return to the upper dimensions and the looks of Lemurians have been additionally completely different this yr. As all the time, that is very highly effective!

Nama Sika, Venia Benya  I AM the One, I AM the Complete

I greet you, beloved household. I stream love and light-weight from my coronary heart to yours.

I take this chance of gathering collectively to achieve out to every one in every of you which are current, but in addition to anyone else upon the earth airplane that could be open and within the stream of this vitality and light-weight, even when they’re aware or unconscious of what could also be occurring. That considerably explains humanity does it not?  It’s that clarification that as humanity is ascending to a better degree, as they attain as much as a brand new degree, that some should still be seemingly asleep.

What does asleep imply to you? Take a second and think about what that could be. Folks which are unaware. Properly of what are they unaware? Most all people has experiences that could be occurring round them of which they don’t know.

There are some large experiences which are on a world degree. This is likely one of the methods by which the Angels and Gentle Beings are working with humanity proper now. There are additionally the adjustments that could be occurring in your private life that maintain you from the stream, the stability, and the attention that represents who you’re. Consciousness could also be one thing that you just consciously select. That means you don’t wish to find out about one thing that could be occurring, so that you consciously select to be unaware.

I invite you at this second to select that you just develop into conscious of something that’s in your greatest curiosity to grasp. I converse not about something that’s going to overwhelm you as a result of the checklist is lengthy, and lengthy, and lengthy. I talk about a manner in which you’ll develop into centered and anchored inside your coronary heart heart in such a manner that you’re instantly linked together with your Divinity.

Breathe in what that alignment means to you on this now second after which breathe out, letting go of distractions, and letting go of something that now not serves you. Take a deep breath in the place you breathe inside your coronary heart heart. Join in a really aware manner with that vitality physique that comes from inside your coronary heart however is a non-physical side of you. Join it to your backbone, your chakras, stream vitality by means of your organs, so deal with the one aligned together with your coronary heart. Really feel the essence of what that is to you.

In case you have a notion that maybe going out the again or the entrance, there’s an imbalance inside your coronary heart then pause for a second and simply really feel the pulsation of each beat of your coronary heart because it mechanically creates an alignment inside you. You create a ball of vitality or mild that you just ship down by means of your vitality our bodies. Permit it to go down by means of your root heart and let it anchor inside the Earth.

There are nonetheless that many, many layers of your Earth. There’s nonetheless the best way in which you’ll be able to create that stability and that alignment with Gaia which lets you anchor your energies and really feel the connection along with her. Simply as you take heed to the heartbeat of your Chakra pay attention for a second to the heartbeat of the Earth. It’s a deep, deep, deep resonance that may anchor you in each side of who you’re.

You enable that to stream up by means of all of your vitality our bodies. It goes into your coronary heart heart and then you definitely ship it up by means of your throat, your third eye, your head heart, and ship all of it the best way up till you align together with your Increased Self. You may really feel this vitality. You may know what that is for you. There you go. In some circumstances, you may sense no matter it’s that you could be be engaged on that’s right here inside your Increased Self. For others it could really feel very cluttered and if that’s the case, phew, clear it out.

You then ship your vitality even additional up. It follows that thread of vitality from that string, that alignment that goes instantly out of your coronary heart, all the best way up into your Divinity. As you arrive inside your Divinity take a second and really feel the essence of your personal Soul. For a lot of it’s a sense of coming dwelling. For others it’s a sense of enlargement. Take inventory of all that’s right here for you.

I the Goddess stroll in and amongst every one in every of you. I attain out to embrace you in order that we might merge with each other and that strikes us into the All That Is. As we arrive right here inside the All That Is take a second and go searching.

Each time that we come into this house you might even see facets of what you have got been engaged on. You may even see varied Angels and Gentle Beings which are right here ready for you. That is your home of creation. So too your Increased Self and your Divinity are additionally locations of creation however the All That Is, is a a lot increased vibration and frequency.

As you create inside this house it strikes on many, many, many alternative ranges. The All That Is has been reworking for a really very long time. Take note of what could also be reworking that’s bringing you extra alternatives. Really feel all of what that is for you.

Throughout this month of Might at any time when now we have the chance, we attain out to take part within the Wesak pageant. There are lots of, many individuals all over the world that have already got celebrated this on the complete moon two nights in the past. We will shift the energies in such a manner that it’s as if we’re there.

Right here’s an fascinating concept so that you can think about. It doesn’t matter what the time-space actuality, once you align in these excessive frequencies, you may create adjustments that may have an effect transferring in all time house actuality. This is likely one of the methods by which you’re capable of heal issues from previous lives. This is likely one of the ways in which you’ll be able to create what you search to manifest on this life. So be current on this second. Really feel all of what that is for you.

You see strolling out in entrance of you Archangel Metatron. You see Melchizedek. You see in an area that’s considerably separated Yeshua and Buddha. They’re within the means of going by means of a cleaning as a result of as individuals will pray to them or search to work with them, it’s as if it attaches to them, particles of vitality. A few of this can be decrease frequencies. A few of it could be out of alignment with who they’re. Simply as we work with every one in every of you to clear your energies so too, they clear their very own energies previous to a critical ceremony.

Metatron and Melchizedek open up the energies in entrance of you. You see earlier than you one of many excessive meadows within the Himalayan mountains. That is the place we come yearly. We’ve finished this for maybe 10 years. For these of you which have participated that lengthy think about how the energies proceed to vary. The place are you situated as individuals are getting ready for this sacred ceremony? A few of you stay clear. A few of you’re in tiers up the facet of the mountain, maybe in a tree sitting on a rock. A few of you’re really within the meadow.

As this space is ready discover the change in frequency. The frequency has risen simply because the vibrational alignment of everybody upon the Earth has risen. I might due to this fact invite you to look extra so together with your interior eyes so that you could be see the gorgeous vitality that’s situated inside right here.

Chances are you’ll hear some musical devices. There are bells. There are some drums as if a parade is manifesting. However because the moon turns into full, because it creates that alignment that shines down into this meadow, the whole lot turns into silent as you see Gautama Buddha descend from the heavens.

As he touches down those who have been chosen for this yr’s alignment with him are the primary to greet him. What you’ll discover is that they aren’t the standard individuals you may anticipate. These are really non secular individuals which are aligned solely with the excessive mild frequency, and a few have the notion of coming from the Universe.

Buddha arrives and as he touches the Earth it’s as if a reverberation strikes by means of the Earth itself. Shifting by means of Gaia sending waves of vitality all up and down by means of all which are current inside this valley. Everybody is aware of that he has arrived. Their hearts are opening up. Their head facilities are opening up in order to have that larger alignment with him.

He glances in the direction of the heavens. You see the essence of Yeshua as he descends additionally. You’ll discover that each of them develop into greater and larger as their energies come collectively in alignment with each other. You’ll discover that there’s just one vitality. It is a deeper merging than has occurred previously.

As they merge with each other it then separates into the Buddha and the Christ. The fascinating factor is that as you have a look at the Buddha you’re feeling the Christ and as you have a look at the Christ you’re feeling the Buddha. This merging or mixing of their essence turns into seamless.

They start to stroll round this space. It’s as in the event that they transfer particularly to sure people. Are you that particular person? Are they talking on to you as they provide you this message? They’ve the power to mix one-on-one with each single individual that’s inside this valley. Do you enable your self to obtain this direct message and infusion of sunshine? In case you really feel you aren’t worthy let that feeling go. Of their eyes everyone seems to be worthy so don’t maintain again something that may maintain you in a lower than place.

I’ll now shift the vitality in order that they could converse with you. The message is coming as a mix of each of them.

Messages from the Blended Buddha / Christ

We greet you our household. We’re all a household of Souls. We’re all a household of the sunshine vibration. We’re all a household of humanity. We come collectively right now in order to expertise precisely who every one in every of us are individually and as part of the entire.

The time of discernment is upon you. There are lots of, many individuals that attempt to decrease your vibration with confusion and lies. It’s your flip or your alternative to go inside and take heed to your instinct. In case you hear issues that could be occurring in other places on the earth perceive that the good phantasm is coming down.

We converse of the good phantasm as that that was put forth to humanity for hundreds of years, and that humanity believed to be their fact. There is just one fact and from that fact the whole lot else falls out. The reality is as a soul essence you’re a part of the Universe. You’re a part of the Central Solar. You’re a part of each different individual that’s on this planet, and due to this fact you’re full of love. You’re full of mild, and you reside in each alternative to specific what that could be round you.

It’s certainly an incredible time to be upon the Earth. After we every walked upon the Earth it was a time of nice density and that’s the reason we got here in, and there have been many others, we’re in no way the one ones. However anytime one in every of us got here in bringing with us our mild we did so to chop by means of the phantasm, to chop by means of what now not served humanity after which help every individual with recognizing that they’re the sunshine.

Now we have stated for a few years that the second coming is upon us, upon you. The second coming is you receiving your Divinity after which dwelling it and reflecting it out to all. Folks have completely different phrases for what they discuss with this. It’s not the phrases that matter, it’s the vitality that issues.

Really feel as every of us pulsates, not solely into everybody that’s current on this valley, however we pulsate energies and frequencies all through the complete planet. We achieve this to help with altering the thought means of humanity. We achieve this to offer individuals a chance to really feel and expertise one thing that’s completely different than they have been accustomed to. We’re not fixing the Earth. We’re not saving the Earth. We’re working hand and hand with each single one in every of you in order that you could make that change for your self. What turns into very fascinating is that once you get it, when the whole lot clicks on for you, you acknowledge that it was not that onerous.

Permit us to proceed to ship pulsations and vitality in order to help you howsoever you search to open to this alignment.

Go searching our Meadow. You’ll discover that it’s now full of much more individuals, much more energies. You’ll discover the sunshine that’s emanating coming down into the Earth and capturing out from the Earth. It’s making a stream and a motion. You’re the mild. You’ve gotten all the time been the sunshine. Peel away the phantasm and specific as the sunshine.

As we stand right here watching all people launch no matter restrictions they’d inside and round them we are able to actually see an increasing number of of the residual densities of the Earth being cleared out. The extra that you just specific this vitality the tougher it’s for something that’s outdoors of that to take care of a presence on Earth.

Be the sunshine. Launch the phantasm. Step absolutely into all of who you’re. You’re feeling it sinking into you.

We thanks for this chance, not solely to speak with you, however to help with the enlargement of energies. We’re ever current for anybody that so chooses.


 The Goddess Returns:

I the Goddess stroll again in and amongst you. As you proceed to go searching this meadow you’ll discover that they’re ascending another way than what they’ve earlier than. In previous years it was as if you happen to noticed them rising up off the bottom and going up into the sky. This time the notion is that they’re displaying us, as we observe, how they actually elevate their vibration in such a frequency that they’re now not right here which you can discern. Then there’s a pop virtually as if a star explodes or a star illuminates and you realize that they’ve returned.

They wished to indicate you ways you now have the power to see energies, or to really feel them, or to sense them. Go searching at this meadow as we converse. A few of it could look extra as you bear in mind however there are different facets the place you see individuals and humanity. A few of these are the Lemurians coming from inside the Earth they usually got here as part of the anchoring. You may even see others which are non-terrestrial which are additionally anchoring this vitality as we converse.

Nonetheless, look down on your self. Have a look at the sunshine that’s actually emanating from all of your Chakras. Go inside and really feel what that’s to have the entire stability of your vitality our bodies, after which go searching. Have a look at the good mild that’s emanating, each individually and as a bunch. You’ve gotten ascended. You’ve gotten opened to specific that mild which is you. Really feel the peace, the love, and the stability that’s inside you consequently.

The energies start to diffuse. Oh, did you hear a tone? Did you see the frequency? How does your bodily physique really feel? Do you actually have a bodily physique on this house?

You then carry all that vitality again into the All That Is. You develop into rather more aware of your self because the individual you’re, and now it’s as in case you are taking a look at that meadow within the distance. Take a second and simply combine the sunshine and that expression of who you’re. Really feel all of what that is for you.

I invite you to come back again collectively as a bunch. This time as you see that Hologram of the Earth come up inside the group discover how the Hologram itself is much more clear than common. Infuse your personal ascension, your personal mild. Simply infuse all of who you’re and what you obtained this night into that Hologram.

Because it infuses it begins to swirl, integrating all of you which are right here, after which that piece goes out into the Universe. It strikes by means of all the degrees of consciousness diffusing, creating the stability. The rest of the Hologram goes down into the Earth. It strikes by means of all the degrees of consciousness, and it anchors inside the heart.

As has been expressed that crystalline vitality inside the heart of the Earth is rather more current and out there for you. The notion is the town. The notion is a number of crystals. However that is the upper frequency that your ascended mild is ready to merge with in order to really feel that full integration.

It then strikes up by means of all of the layers of the Earth. It comes up inside you wherever it’s possible you’ll be in order that the hyperlink you had with Gaia anchors inside your coronary heart heart. It strikes into nearly each particular person that’s open to obtain this mild. It’s going to work with their energies in order to help with the ascension. It strikes by means of the animals, the grass, the waters.

You’re taking this second to permit that vibration and that frequency to come back down from the All That Is. You transition as a lot as is required inside your Soul. The rest flows again down by means of your Increased Self. It comes into and round you on this location. Really feel how you’re bringing all your consciousness again. Really feel what it’s to have this open alignment inside you.

For some disintegration might take a number of hours or a number of days. For others, it’s possible you’ll really feel it immediately. However you realize that Buddha and Yeshua are ever current to help in any manner that you could be request.

As we’re persevering with by means of this month of Might perceive that that mix of Buddha and Christ goes to be stronger than common although it’s all the time current round you. Strengthen your personal ascension. Strengthen the alternatives that you just make. Be ever current on this mild and love, and beloved know that we’re ever with you.




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