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This Is What You Are Awakening Into – Period of Gentle

Humanity is awakening proper now on this second, the one second there may be – eternity – the time with out starting or finish, by which creation is continually ongoing as Mom/Father/God shares and extends Her nature, which is infinite Love, for the infinite glory of God and All of Her divine creation.

Each sentient being is endlessly One with Her, in addition to being an individuated entity with its personal self that displays again God’s glory to Her in each second. Actually life, existence, conscious consciousness, Love, is past superior, and that is what you’re awakening into.

Your nature is Love, Life, and Pleasure, and your reminiscence of It, which has by no means been misplaced, solely mislaid, is about to be totally restored, as you let go of your perception within the limitations by which your human types seem to enfold you.

You might be all limitless beings, identical to God your ever loving Father, however you completely engaged with the sport of separation and, in consequence, with the bounds which might be a significant side of it.

Over the ages holy ones, who’ve typically been described or labeled as mystics, are merely ones who’ve delved deep inside themselves and by doing so have develop into conscious of their oneness with Supply. By that consciousness they’ve realized that their inside world – at one with Supply – is the one Actuality, and that the bodily world with out is in reality unreal. It’s however a person and really private appraisal of what the particular person’s mind/thoughts believes that it perceives within the bodily surroundings seemingly outdoors itself.

You possibly can all discover the Fact inside yourselves if you’ll take common quiet time alone, inviting God to fill your hearts with Love. She is with you in each second, and if you select not to concentrate to the distractions with which your egos are continually presenting you, and pay attention as an alternative to the quiet voice of God inside you, you’ll really feel Her Love and due to this fact know that you just and She are eternally inseparable – that She is the One in Whom you exist in everlasting Oneness.

For eons, as a result of good development you constructed by which to expertise the unreality of separation, many have satisfied themselves that there’s a being – a god or idol – to whom they need to continually supply obeisance and sacrifices in order that he won’t decide them too harshly, and even destroy them.

Thus many purchased into the concept that there was an overriding authority determine who watched their each thought, phrase, and motion. After which, after some time, a small minority selected to presume that that they had been chosen by him to have dominion over everybody else, and from that small group have arisen the methods of governmental or non secular authority that also exist on this planet right now. And most youngsters on Earth are born into cultures that educate them that they need to obey “the authorities” or face judgment and punishment.

Over the previous couple of hundred years consciousness has began to develop that this can not presumably be true, as a result of sensible ones all through the ages have often demonstrated and shared the falseness of this perception with those that would pay attention, after which mass communication methods have been invented – printing, mail providers, telegraph, radio, TV, telecommunications usually, and the worldwide internet – making it potential for everybody to be taught this fact.

And on account of coming to an consciousness of this rising numbers of individuals have chosen to honor their very own private sovereignty, as an alternative of continuous to align with the lengthy enforced methods of authoritarian management.

By doing in order that they have been in a position to eradicate the ingrained and false beliefs inside themselves that they have been educated as kids to just accept and respect. This was a vital step for humanity to tackle its path again to awakening, and as soon as taken collectively, as has occurred, there could be no regression.

Because of this there has not too long ago been – over the past a number of many years – such an intense acceleration within the progress of civil rights for all, it doesn’t matter what their cultural, non secular, or political persuasions could also be. It’s the realization that the actual fact of being born provides each particular person an inalienable proper to be and specific herself in no matter style she could select – so long as she doesn’t trigger bodily hurt to another person – which can not and should not be overridden by anybody.

So I repeat, you’re all divine beings created in Love as everlasting and individuated facets of the One – God, Mom/Father/God, Supply, Love, or no matter label you utilize to deal with the One – and separation out of your Supply is completely inconceivable!

Nonetheless, as people in kind, you do expertise yourselves as particular person separated beings, and due to this fact consider yourselves to be inclined to assault, illness, damage, and loss of life. And naturally your human types can and do encounter publicity to numerous risks, and since nothing in kind can keep away from getting old, decay, and loss of life, the loss of life of your human types is inevitable.

Those that are studying or listening to this message are conscious that they have been created by an infinitely sensible and loving being – Mom/Father/God – and belief that She is going to by no means stop loving them or terminate their existence.

Nevertheless, many nonetheless consider that after their bodily loss of life that they are going to be topic to divine judgment, and presumably some type of punishment could then be imposed.

That is most positively NOT the case. As has been defined to you very ceaselessly: God is Love, and Love is at all times completely with out situations of any type, She simply IS. Subsequently, if you lay down your bodily types, a most superb and wondrous welcome awaits you, and you can see yourselves embraced by and totally enveloped within the Love that you just and God are in each second of your everlasting unbroken and boundless existence.

Sure, at that second, you’ll expertise a complete unabridged evaluation of your human life that has simply closed, and each thought phrase or motion by which you could have engaged will unfold a bit like a film in entrance of you.

Nevertheless, you’ll expertise completely no sense of guilt or disgrace. Largely you’ll be amazed if you see the big quantity of fine that you just achieved throughout that life, and the way your loving presence – although you have been unaware of it and acquired no suggestions – uplifted and impressed so many others.

Your return from a brief life in kind will unveil for you what was hidden throughout that point, the entire and full consciousness of your unbroken and uninterrupted everlasting existence within the Presence of Mom/Father/God.

Count on to be overjoyed, and know that what you’ll expertise will completely and most gloriously exceed any expectations for which you’ll be hoping.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

**Channel: John Smallman




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