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Valuing Sincere and Direct Dialog – Period of Gentle

I wished to handle the challenges that we face daily in coping with the heavy assaults of mass psychological operations full of deceit and barefaced lies being directed to the inhabitants by means of the mainstream information and different types of media.

Mainstream media that’s managed by the felony minds of the kabbalah controllers making use of refined propagandist instruments of disinformation and paltering, is getting used to demoralize and management the ideas and perception techniques of many individuals round us. It’s smart to inquire upon and work on deconstructing these detrimental beliefs that we’ve adopted from authority figures repeating the identical managed narratives again and again, which many people know is a part of the awakening technique of detrimental ego clearing and creating self-love and self-acceptance.

Through the religious awakening course of, many people first awaken to see these controller deceptions as they turn into extra plainly apparent and even absurd when measured with vital considering and a few truth checking. Within the earlier phases of awakening, that is catalyzed by inside to outer revelations after we encounter one thing huge or significant that we had believed to be true or correct. Then we discover out later that what we had believed to be correct was truly a classy internet of lies laced with emotional manipulation ways used to realize management over our perceptions to make sure our compliance or consent. This occurs at each macrocosmic ranges of societal influences from childhood to maturity, and is mirrored by our interpersonal relationships at microcosmic ranges after we really feel betrayed by these we regarded as much as and notice they instructed us lies.

After we see this spew of deceit that defies all clear and rational logic taking place round us extra clearly, that is after we start to know the which means behind meticulously crafted trauma-based thoughts management. The detrimental ego concerned with the intentional spin doctoring enmeshed with the various pitfalls of propaganda is producing spurious content material, which is framed with lies of omission for the aim of emotional manipulation. It’s in that second of realization we notice how poisonous, damaging and harmful deceptions and lies are to all human beings. This self-realization expertise is a serious milestone in our religious awakening after we start to see the net of lies we as soon as believed and are then full of inside ardour and divine inspiration to hunt fact in all methods we will discover it!

Definitely, that is the religious warfare technique to make use of confusion ways by flooding the zone of mass media with thoughts video games of data warfare which are getting used to subdue humanity and are the divide and conquer ways being orchestrated globally. We should get up to see that the goal is human beings, and that we’re thought-about the enemy by the principally unseen ruling lessons. With the plandemic and bio-weapon narratives, the controllers know the one approach to get compliance into their deliberate nice reset agendas of transhumanism is to gaslight, twist and management the narratives by which they blatantly lie in regards to the majority of essential themes impacting humanity. Lies are always being wrapped in partial truths, the place even the phrases and context utilized in human language are being altered and adjusted, the place authorized terminology inside legislature is covertly being crafted to redefine the scope of some felony actions as lawful inside sure states or nations.

These refined army grade ways are to confuse the inhabitants so they can’t discern truth from fiction, fact from lies, and to domesticate helpful idiots that repeat the narratives for the controllers with out researching the small print for themselves. In these tumultuous instances of data warfare, it is very important be correct and truthful in what you say to others, and to not assume that each one individuals are telling you the reality. Folks ought to earn your belief by means of constant demonstrations of ethical and moral habits by which they’re dedicated to talk the reality and search the reality to the perfect of their means. The rest is unacceptable, particularly in our private relationships, because the phrases of doubtful individuals recognized to deceive others and have a low ethical character ought to all the time be skeptically questioned.

Worry based mostly propaganda media went on turbo to manage the human inhabitants, and in the present day we will see the results of its very damaging impacts to the psychological and emotional state of individuals – as we’ve a steadily rising psychological sickness within the inhabitants. The youngest members of this anti-human society are being focused relentlessly and are at a lot greater threat. Thus, it is vitally essential to all the time bear in mind, believing lies and deceptions or selling lies and deceptions make us sick and weak, plummeting our consciousness into the bottom states of psychological and emotional corruption. Whereas looking for fact and loving fact, needing to know fact even when its inconvenient and emotionally painful, in the end makes us stronger, balanced and leads us to improved well being and wellbeing, in addition to reaching greater consciousness states.

Thus, it may be very troublesome to have the dangerous outcomes of thoughts management propaganda being assimilated into the assumption techniques of family members, kids, relations and even companions or spouses – who can’t see what we’re seeing after we are dedicated to looking for fact, and as a substitute are spiritually blinded by the huge quantities of lies being carried out by deliberate info warfare. As awakening individuals dedicated to hunt and know fact in all methods we will discover it, and dedicated to specific ourselves authentically and actually to the perfect of our means given the circumstances, it’s supportive to brazenly talk about the chaotic terrain of religious warfare and data warfare. We should register that at the moment, it is vitally troublesome and very uncommon to seek out media or outer expressions of open and sincere truthful dialogues, resembling extra correct journalistic information streams, mainstream pundits or individuals that truly acknowledge and love the reality.

We should love the reality with all of our coronary heart and thoughts, and know that the reality leads us to our religious growth and in the end to be one with God. Thus, it will be significant on this ultimate battle part of mass lies, deceptions and gaslighting, that we persistently bear in mind to seek out, domesticate and nurture the reality that exists within us. To hold this fact on the ascending path of self-realization and self-actualization so we will reside and categorical the frequency of fact emanating from inside us and radiate it into the outer realm.

Over the previous 50 years, advances of accelerated science and data have generated a rising hole between public data and data shared with these owned and operated by the dominant energy elites. They management the massive media and large tech, and thus the job of mainstream media is to not inform, however to misinform the general public. Mass media is used to divert public consideration away from essential points and adjustments which are being determined upon by the political and financial elites, by means of the strategy of derailing essential details or info by means of the continual flood of distractions, senseless leisure and insignificant info.

Due to biology, neurobiology and utilized psychology, the mainstream media system has relished having a classy understanding of what motivates human beings, each bodily and psychologically, perfecting thoughts management methods utilized in all media codecs. The system has gotten higher acquainted with the motivations and wishes of the inhabitants, and so the elites know extra in regards to the widespread man than he is aware of about himself. Because of this typically, the system exerts larger management and larger energy over people as a result of the system has far more data to control others.

That is the hazard we reside with in the present day. Particularly with AI information harvesting and lots of types of surveillance, as different individuals know extra about us than we learn about ourselves, and is why that is our theme for the weblog. 

Thus, you have to turn into self-aware to the purpose that you realize your self deeply an intimately. With this developed self-knowledge, you turn into conscious that it’s a lot more durable to subconsciously manipulate you or use thoughts management manipulation ways which are generally being utilized by the controller system. If you realize your self extraordinarily effectively, it’s simpler to deflect the manipulation agendas of others round you that wish to exert domination or management over what you realize is true for you.

Bear in mind that the world of tv, digital media and web has turn into a instrument of de-evolution, propaganda, censorship or shadow banning and social management. Definitely, the Guardian physique of labor which I’ve been entrusted with has been shadow banned from as early as 2010, after I was made conscious that this censorship agenda by means of programmed algorithms was taking place on-line. Practically limitless sources have been utilized to understanding find out how to manipulate the human psyche by means of tv and different types of mass media and leisure. What we’ve in the present day is an more and more refined full-spectrum assault on the free will and psychological well-being of all individuals, and we’ve come to some extent the place it’s not even needed for media establishments to aim to cover their blatant work of manipulating public opinion, manufacturing consent, utilizing censorship, cancel tradition and creating winners and losers within the minds of the already thoughts managed public. Whether or not for advertising or for manufacturing consent, the media trade is responsible of utilizing delicate and not-so-subtle ways to affect our acutely aware and unconscious minds to form our opinions and habits by controlling the content material we’ve entry to on-line. There are numerous examples of those practices; and discerning, awake individuals can be effectively served to be vigilant of this when consuming fashionable media in any type.

As knowledgeable individuals, we should acknowledge that we’re being lied to and that the establishments we must always be capable of rely upon for bringing us an goal view of the world, are something however goal, they’re as a substitute paid sponsors to lie and manipulate the plenty to be in consent with what’s serving the facility elite agendas. Thus, listen, develop sturdy discernment (develop your b.s. meter), and do your personal analysis to remain awake and conscious in these instances of nice turbulence and highly effective change.

How can teams obtain objectives of constructing parallel techniques?

Turning into coherent or energetically balanced is a needed requirement with a view to join and talk deeply with one’s inside spirit, and these expertise are usually not taught within the present academic mannequin stemming from the Controller Pillars of Society.  As the present corrupt system crumbles, impressed teams are laying the framework for constructing parallel techniques that function exterior of the controller mechanism, that are organized round a foundational fact or core mission.

The most important problem of any energetically balanced or coherent system is to retrain the group consciousness or crew members to not consider competencies when it comes to rank, standing or energy, however as a technique to acquire private objectives of self-mastery and self-achievement that can not be in comparison with anybody else. Thus, the group consciousness have to be hyper conscious of the pitfalls of egoic judgment, comparability and placing others beneath or above you. We should be taught to retrain our thoughts to be with others as unified equals, whereas having the ability to acknowledge particular competencies that yield no particular worth distinction, however could outline a task for that particular person to be productive to help the group’s total objectives in direction of constructing efficient humanitarian techniques. Moreover, it is very important think about individuals as unified equals within the realm of divine soul, however with heightened senses to have the ability to discern these individuals which are criminally minded, unethical or self-entitled, versus the real good will of an individual who does want to help and contribute to humanitarian objectives and future studying alternatives.

To ensure that us to decide to any sort of group purpose with a continuing incentive, we should have private resonance or emotions of impressed goal with the group promotion of those self same objectives. In any sort of social assemble, if the group objectives are usually not essential for a person, she or he will lack coherence with the group and don’t have any incentive to be accountable in direction of collaborating with others within the group in direction of reaching that purpose.

The shortage of energetic resonance clearly means it’s the incorrect group consciousness or social connection for that particular person. There is no such thing as a proper or incorrect in private resonance, however it’s the accountability for every particular person to determine what their core resonances are, and to decide on issues that help that inside resonance. Understanding our private resonance comes from our developed self-awareness. If we have no idea ourselves effectively, we won’t know our personal private resonances. Folks which are misplaced in confusion and unable to determine their core resonances or exist with no private worth system, are typically extraordinarily draining of an organized group’s vitality sources.

This profile of a fledgling, the neophyte particular person missing expertise remains to be valued by means of the lens of shared divinity, and could be a crew member that’s dedicated to studying and rising, however will not be able to directing sources or guiding group efforts. If an individual within the group mission refuses to honor or respect the group’s mission or greater objectives, and tends in direction of actions of egocentric motivations relatively than serve the group efforts, this may create an elevated lack of coherence and entropy. That is what breaks down belief and breaks down the energy of the general system, which finally have to be corrected with a view to obtain rebalancing. A robust steward or chief entrusted to positively direct and multiply group sources understands this problem in bigger group energetic techniques, and has the troublesome job to assist information or assign particular person roles or to extract and take away disrupters or the self-entitled from interfering with the group’s objectives. Thus, the extra excessive upkeep the person, the much less help they will provide the group vitality subject, and this could result in needed expulsion from the group that usually should function with restricted sources.

Thus, on the trail of built-in ascension, which naturally will increase inside energetic coherence, every particular person should take accountability for his or her behaviors, actions and selections. That is particularly magnified whereas collaborating in group tasks, group objectives or communities, and we should actually resolve if we’re prepared to bear these challenges of development and studying with a view to improve our private social competencies. The selection of re-educating oneself into supporting humanitarian objectives and being prepared to discover the upper ideas of studying required to attain these objectives, are the private accountability of every particular person throughout this intense time of religious ascension. We are able to select to retreat into isolation whereas blaming the whole lot and everybody round us for the negativity that we could really feel coming from others, or we will cease feeling bitter and notice that we’re interconnected with the human species group consciousness, whether or not we prefer it or not.

To seek out our manner by means of the darkish maze of madness saturated with the psychological management and emotional manipulation methods of the NAA and their minions, we should do inside shadow work to take away dangerous detrimental ego beliefs, biases and divisive attitudes from our personal habits. As we get spiritually stronger and clearer, we refuse to succumb to the intruder’s devious reptilian order; an entropic system overlaid to bolster social constructions based mostly on worry, loss of life tradition and narcissistic abuse, designed to manifest the consciousness enslavement of the whole planet.

How can we as human beings begin to follow new requirements of habits and implement these paradigm shifts in our day-to-day lives? Step one is to ascertain self-awareness to assist us preserve energetic stability whereas on a private quest to know ourselves deeply and intimately.

Our motivations affect perceptions, our notion influences beliefs, and our beliefs affect our actions.

  • Motivations
  • Perceptions
  • Beliefs
  • Actions

Some Fast Suggestions for Rising Self-Consciousness to Preserve Energetic Steadiness

  • Self Inquiry, Self-Consciousness and Meditation to attach with our inside spirit, and make enhancements daily to decide on larger concord and peace as a way of life.
  • Give up to what’s within the now second and improve private Humility by selecting to be non-confrontational and aspire to reside within the precept of Harmlessness. There could also be a time that you should defend your self, however by no means be the aggressor or spew violence on others.
  • Take note of the now second, be taught when to take motion and when to be nonetheless, be true to you. Hearken to the Spirit of Conservation to not waste or dissipate your energies.
  • Apply Accountability and Self-Accountability to your phrases, behaviors, and actions.

We want the courageous, brave, empathic, reliable individuals devoted to looking for fact and maintain love for all times, to rise to fill the void of sharing loving, compassionate communications with others in addition to help truthful caring messages again into circulation. Pay shut consideration and don’t feed into the madness of the psychological operations made towards the individuals, keep calm, impartial and keep on with talking your fact, residing out of your coronary heart, and by no means hand over your inside pursuit of self-awareness by which to find your religious goal and divine mission on this world.

We ship our loving kindness and religious friendship to all these looking for the very best fact of their quest to assist liberate humanity and to know God instantly.

**By Lisa Renee




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