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Why the Gentle Warriors Are Actually Amongst You – Period of Gentle

Greetings. We’re the Arcturian Council. We’re happy to attach with all of you.

We’re sustaining ourselves by permitting within the highest-frequency energies accessible to us and letting these energies gas our consciousness. We have now stated this earlier than, and we’ll say it once more – we’re not so completely different from all of you. The principle distinction between the ninth-dimensional Arcturian Council and the typical Earthling is that we select consciously which energies we enable to maneuver to us and thru us, whereas for you it may be far more of an unconscious alternative, one that’s not taking your emotions into consideration. You get to decide on what you focus upon, and there’s a lot so that you can focus upon in your data age, and so you need to select correctly.

You should ask yourselves, ‘How will this make me really feel?’ earlier than deciding whether or not or to not interact with it if you wish to be really acutely aware creators. Many individuals determine based mostly on whether or not they assume it’s true, or whether or not they assume it will likely be entertaining, and that’s merely going to steer them down a path that it will likely be then arduous to get off of due to how thrilling it may be to be on that path. 

We regularly see folks utilizing the terminology ‘mild warrior’ within the new age and religious communities, and what these folks often imply is that they’re on Earth to battle darkness. In different phrases, they imagine they’re those who’re being despatched as the sunshine warriors to defeat those that are taking part in in the dead of night, and so they take this project very significantly. That’s not why anybody is there on Earth. We choose the time period lightbringer to mild warrior, since you are in reality there to unfold mild round. You’re there to be the sunshine, and one of many ways in which you get there’s by letting go of your worry of the darkness. 

You should let go of your judgment of the darkness and those that are taking part in in the dead of night as effectively, if you’re ever going to rise above it. Allow us to say you had been to defeat the darkness with no matter abilities and talents you had obtained as a light-weight warrior. Effectively then, you’d be in that dualistic system on the finish of the battle, and which means extra darkness would simply come and change those that you just defeated, and you wouldn’t develop, as a result of you wouldn’t be taught to like All-That-Is. All that you just see outdoors of you, and all that you just hear about from others, it’s all within you. 

You finally need to have the ability to love all points of creation since you need to have the ability to love all points of you. It’s the solely strategy to enable the true you, the Supply Vitality side of you, to return to the floor and be the side of you that’s operating the present. And so, we suggest that you just deal with the sunshine, that you just deal with what’s constructive on the market on this planet and what’s constructive in you, since you are additionally not going to get very far by always on the lookout for issues inside you that want fixing. 

You aren’t going to develop by judging your personal adverse points as dangerous. When you embrace all of it, then you possibly can select. Then you possibly can understand that it was all within you all alongside, and all you needed to do was select consciously what you wished to amplify, what you wished to really feel extra of and be extra of, after which and solely then will you be of service to the entire of humanity. And that’s how we see it from our perspective, which once more, is one the place we’re solely permitting in that which is of the sunshine, that which is of the reality of who we actually are as Supply Vitality, as unconditional love.

We’re the Arcturian Council, and we have now loved connecting with you.

**Channel: Daniel Scranton




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