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Within the 12 months 3023 a Look Again in Time – Period of Mild

1000’s of centuries of oppression

At the moment, we reside in a time that doesn’t mirror actuality. Don’t be confused by it. Underlying primary patterns are gaining obligatory power at a divinely decided tempo.

The Deep Stators are actually in whole panic, attempting to carry on to any semblance of management they suppose they nonetheless have. They didn’t consider awakening the inhabitants, nor did they consider us freedom fighters. We’re taking again our management on many ranges as a result of they’re no match for all of us collectively, woke up and united towards them. Collectively we’re in a position to rid planet Earth of the evil that has preyed on us for 1000’s of centuries.

In 1868, Vatican Jesuits, with assist from the British Monarchy, created a world system of debt cash primarily based on a central banking system that printed fiat notes; IOUs.

To legitimise themselves in non-Catholic areas, they invented capitalism, communism and Nazism with the assistance of secret societies just like the Freemasons, Ur-Loges, Knights Templar, Roundtable, Rotary and Lions service golf equipment.

They managed Britain financially and till the autumn of 2013 they owned America. Within the course of, they initiated each main battle on our planet, killing tens of millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims. So as to higher perceive this Cabal Devil Worship, know that it’s primarily based on Thoughts Management by means of little one exploitation, rape and human sacrifice, learn on beneath.

Since 1871, USA Inc has been owned by the British, the Vatican and the Rothschilds. They misled Individuals into wars for revenue, in a plan to grasp a renewed Roman Empire for the Vatican Jesuits, who’re the instigators behind the smokescreens.

Their assaults on the inhabitants through meals poisoning, Chemtrails, electromagnetic damage together with from cellphones, sugar ailments, GMOs, modification of wheat and grains, vaccines, Morgellons illness, the Covid pandemic, Nanotech inductions, AIDS, the fluoridation and additional poisoning of our consuming water, and the killing of incorruptible medical doctors by Massive Pharma mercenaries, are all a part of a “Smooth Kill” plan to scale back the world’s inhabitants by 90% to be extra simply managed.

The Vatican was behind-the-scenes conspiracies centrally concerned within the international monetary meltdown of 2007-2008, to thwart the World Financial Safety and Reform Act – GESARA – which is the discount for worldwide welfare regulation for the advantage of all peoples.

In April 2008, Joseph Ratzinger – Pope Benedict XVI – failed in an try to assert a big tranche of the GESARA welfare funds. He reportedly informed his shut colleagues,

“The little individuals can’t deal with this cash effectively, however the Church can.”

A set off has been set to break down the debt-money system

The darkish cabal nonetheless believes that the Mild should settle for the existence of USA Inc. as a real signal that the unlawful deal compelled on America in 1871 can proceed. What the cabal doesn’t know is that this actuality was solely a brief situation. In truth, the noose has already been positioned round their necks by having gone too far.

Now a set off has been set to break down the debt cash system within the palms of the cabal with a purpose to introduce the brand new international monetary QFS system, which provides worth stability to all currencies by hedging with gold and silver. This set off is about to go off the second the Cabal is absolutely neutralised.

The approaching new period can be ushered in by an infusion of nice abundance. This prosperity is basically because of the endurance of our Earth allies and the good methods initiated many centuries in the past by the Ascended Masters. They had been in a position to deliver a brand new monetary and financial plan referred to as QFS to this planet with the goal of bringing nice abundance for all

Un-manipulated gold cash

As soon as GESARA is in place, that frees the earth’s individuals from poverty and slavery, in order that they will absolutely commit themselves to their final process of planetary transformation. Which implies, amongst different issues; no extra wars.

It additionally implies; gold/silver backed currencies that may not be manipulated; jobs popping up all over the place for fulfilment. Everybody could have greater than sufficient cash; new applied sciences will grow to be out there comparable to, free vitality, whole environmental purification, flying vehicles and time journey to different stars.

Faultless well being for everybody, together with lacking limbs that develop again. It is going to be the start of a brand new period that’s unstoppable.

A glance again in time from the 12 months 3023

Not just for the individuals of this Planet, but additionally for all different civilisations we work together with. The whole World and each different Star Nation can be positively affected additionally their fortunes will change suddenly, when GESARA takes impact.

We leap ahead in time to the 12 months 3023 and look again.

  • The most important nation on earth bombed among the smallest and weakest nations on earth for no obvious motive;
  • Individuals died of hunger in some components of the world, whereas in different components farmers got cash if they didn’t plant crops;
  • Techies who most popular to play digital golf at house, slightly than in actual life on a golf course; and
  • Police forces charged with arresting individuals for merely consuming mind-altering narcotic ‘s and different crops.

Individuals on this future period chuckle about this and see it as unimaginable myths.

However those that search the reality can’t afford to chuckle away the Sumerian notes that in lots of instances have proved extremely correct. Simply as we all know the overwhelming proof of the affect of conspiracies inside governments, enterprise, science, drugs and the media can’t be ignored.

Have admiration for writers of antiquity. It’s wonderful that they made a lot info out there. Creator Zechariah Sitchin expresses his admiration for these numerous individuals, by no means praised, who solely precisely recorded historic information;

“Once we keep in mind that these historic texts come to us over a interval that spans millennia, now we have to admire the traditional writers who recorded, copied and translated the earliest texts, most likely typically with out figuring out what sure phrases and expressions initially meant, whereas at all times stubbornly clinging to the corresponding traditions to make sure an correct illustration.

It additionally proves the interior consistency of their reporting, explaining:

“That the primary settlements on Earth had been established by astronauts from one other planet, as dramatically depicted by the Sumerians.

Persistently, quite a few texts confer with the place to begin, which is at all times as follows: 432,000 years in the past, earlier than the Flood, i.e. the Nice Flood,

“Revered creatures got here by “Rocket Ships ” from their very own planet to Earth.”

Though it could sound exaggerated, many individuals will grow to be satisfied, as soon as they get this model of our historical past, which can grow to be standard and widespread within the not-too-distant future, and ultimately can be studied and taught in colleges, universities and scientific establishments.

Already, breakthroughs in astronomy, anthropology, archaeology and Egyptology are underpinning the theses of Zechariah Sitchin and others, primarily based primarily on translations of the Sumerian writings.

The information of the existence of One Father/Mom God, who should even have created the Anunnaki invaders, together with the realisation that life encompasses extra than simply the fabric aircraft of existence through which we now discover ourselves.

As we all know by now, all this was covertly protected by the key societies.

The Sumerian clarification of man’s origin and creation is totally fascinating. Nonetheless we have a look at it, it’s much more rational and acceptable than most of the recognized theories of present and previous science.

Humanity exists in solitude within the universe, whereas on the similar time, in all chance, non-human intelligences have been concerned in our creation?

**By Peter B Meyer




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