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Your Planet is in Nice Change – Period of Gentle

We greet you pricey brothers and sisters of the Earth. At the moment we’re going to return to the doable occasions in your planet within the months and instances to return. We’ve got usually spoken to you about climatic or geological disturbances which will happen attributable to a change of the planet Earth. Sure, the Earth is reworking, the Earth resides one other life, that of what we name the New Earth. We’ve got already defined to you what the New Earth is and what it will likely be.

You perceive that because the Earth turns into a being of enhanced Gentle, it can’t stay in its present energies and in its present geological type. What will we imply by this? Merely put, we would like you to know that the soil of your planet will regularly change. All that is as a result of rising waters of the seas and oceans, and likewise to the air pollution that you just deliver to the respiration of your planet.

Know that the air pollution of factories, streams, rivers and oceans has a vital impression on its transformation. How do you assume streams, rivers and oceans can have this impression on geological transformation?

We’ll let you know this: by polluting rivers and streams, a few of them will regularly dry up as a result of demise of their inner life, which is the lifetime of aquatic vegetation and fish and different aquatic animals. The drying up of those rivers will result in a change of the vegetation round them and generally even remodel these locations into desert locations.

A chunk of the Earth that dries up can sooner or later develop into so dry that it cracks open, breaks up and falls into the oceans or creates different items of Earth which can be completely different from what you will have identified. That is how new continents might be shaped, bigger or smaller, how nations might be completely reworked and generally cut up into a number of components.

After all, it’s not going to occur tomorrow, however you’ll be able to start to see that adjustments are being created on the geological stage in sure locations on the Earth. You may see that earthquakes are being created in numerous locations that can create bigger and bigger breaks within the depths of the Earth. These accentuated breaks will cut up the components of the Earth that aren’t oceans and create new islands of various measurement or different continents as we now have simply mentioned.

That is a part of the geological transformation of the Earth. However there are additionally climatic adjustments: a drying up attributable to air pollution in a sure place will result in extra warmth in that place. Breaks within the Earth’s soil will trigger adjustments within the vitality currents that movement via it, and many others…

You see, pricey youngsters of the Earth, that your planet is present process nice change. For the second it’s not but seen however it’s changing into clearer. We don’t wish to create worry amongst humanity on earth, however it will likely be and is already essential to guard your planet. We’ve got been telling you for years and years: Defend your planet, cease digging it up, cease making it a worthwhile toy for a few of you, cease making it undergo in its physique with all of the chemical substances that you just inject into its physique.

You, who’re human, don’t wish to be injected with dangerous substances in your physique, so perceive that the Earth doesn’t like and doesn’t settle for this both. The Earth is a dwelling being, we now have mentioned this many instances. Many people perceive this, however take motion by stopping placing chemical substances in your gardens, cease spraying chemical substances on crops that kill small bugs and a few birds. You’re liable for the well being and happiness of your planet simply as your planet takes care of you as finest it will probably regardless of the struggling you trigger.

The arrival of the New Earth is occurring now…now! and it is best to have accomplished it a few years in the past. However the human being was nonetheless an excessive amount of in materialism, within the ease of life, to get out of his cocoon of overrated well-being. Throughout these final two years, it took a fragile occasion, very delicate, which disturbed you, to make you perceive many issues regarding not solely your life, your wishes, but additionally in regards to the lifetime of the Earth.

We’re comfortable after we see that in colleges, a large number of colleges, younger youngsters are initiated to the love of Nature, of animals. That is already a giant step for the brand new generations of kids in direction of the understanding of the New Earth and in direction of the respect for the planet Earth.

Pricey brothers and sisters of the Earth, deal with yourselves, love yourselves, respect yourselves, but additionally deal with your planet, find it irresistible and respect it, we thanks.

We accompany you with nice Love.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation by EraofLight.com




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