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You’re Serving to Elevate the World – Period of Mild

Welcome, expensive readers. Know that we and the various others presently working with you from this facet honor, respect, and respect the work you might be doing on the entrance traces.

Even in case you really feel like you might be doing nothing, know that simply the presence of your state of consciousness helps to elevate the world collective. We’re aiding earth’s ascension course of from this facet however you have got the harder job of working in it whereas not of it.

This message is about belief. You got here to earth stuffed with hope and pleasure, assured that you simply had been effectively ready to play a task in earth’s ascension course of however after years of ready with seemingly no change, lots of you might be discovering that your belief within the course of is waning.

Ask yourselves, have you ever put your belief in three dimensional ideas in regards to the ascension course of–how it will or ought to look, unfold, and when?

Ascension power is presently being skilled by most because the weakening of belief the bulk has all the time held for presidency, well being care, schooling, and non secular leaders, which signifies collective awakening and private empowerment. Waning belief in and the questioning of lengthy established authorities nonetheless refined, is an indication of change and awakening–the ascension course of.

Even the spiritually awake could also be tempted to lose belief when looking at a world of chaos, struggle, growing acts of violence, pure disasters, and “leaders” extra centered on getting re-elected and taking part in “king of the fortress” than working for the nice of these they had been elected to serve. You might ask; “Was I fallacious about all this? Is there actually a Divine Plan? Is earth actually ascending to a better dimension?”

You might be spiritually prepared and ready for the work you got here to do which is to dwell within the three dimensional world however not be of it by a consciousness that understands that the negativity now rampant world wide signifies the presence of excessive frequency Mild breaking down a lot that has held mankind in bondage.

Temples constructed on sand should crumble and dissolve each inside and with out to ensure that that which is of a brand new and better resonance to switch them. The behavior of decoding world points as being three dimensional issues having nothing to do with the ascension course of stays sturdy. Launch any ideas about how issues ought to or shouldn’t be as a result of the human thoughts is unable to see the larger image. Stand within the Mild of your highest religious consciousness and easily observe.

Excessive frequency energies pouring to earth presently in addition to these you mechanically carry with you in consciousness are serving to interrupt aside that which is out of alignment with them. Because of this many traditions, beliefs, and plenty of so referred to as “proper” methods are and can proceed to break down. False beliefs are created, held in place, and maintained solely by the assumption in them and by no means by God. As more and more extra awaken to oneness and the upper truths, a lot that has been created from beliefs of duality , separation, and two powers will merely fade away.

You might marvel about so many pure disasters however keep in mind, earth is a dwelling soul who should additionally clear pockets of decrease resonating and dense power. Gaia’s physique and waterways have been mindlessly polluted, constructed on, used for struggle, her components depleted (oil, minerals and so forth.), used as a dump for rubbish and nuclear waste, lined in concrete, de-forested, poisoned, and thought of as one thing for use selfishly for financial achieve by people for generations. Gaia is a dwelling soul, a Divine Concept within the Thoughts of God and he or she has chosen reclaim herSelf.

A second and vital level with regard to pure disasters is that for a lot of they’re an introduction to the concept of oneness. They usually serve to open the hearts and minds of those that have believed themselves to be separate from the issues or wants of others. For the primary time they’re starting to take discover, acknowledge, and even help the wants and struggles of others. It could be their first step in opening to oneness.

Every thing embodied in Divine Consciousness is held infinitely in place by Divine Regulation which can’t be damaged or modified. If lack, illness, limitation, or discords of any form had been embodied in Divine Consciousness, they’d mechanically exist eternally, held in place by Divine Regulation, and by no means in a position to be modified or be healed. Because of this it’s silly and in reality idolatry, to beg, pray, or make sacrifices to some three dimensional idea of God in an try and get him to repair, heal, and alter one thing that doesn’t even exist in actuality and easily provides extra power to the phantasm,

Belief that as a result of there may be solely ONE, IT is the inspiration, regulation, and substance of all that exists. The place may something aside from this IT come from? Figuring out and accepting this mechanically begins one’s evolutionary journey towards it changing into a realized state of consciousness the place these truths will then start to specific outwardly. By no means lose sight of the truth that an mental information of some fact is barely step one, it should turn out to be one’s consciousness earlier than it may possibly manifest as a result of consciousness is the substance of kind.

Religious consciousness means not judging appearances by generally accepted ideas about how issues should or ought to be with a view to be proper. Let go of any beliefs about what is correct and fallacious or good and dangerous and know that good materials appearances are simply as illusory because the dangerous ones. God is…interval. Enable yourselves to just accept and totally belief that there actually is a God infinitely expressing, manifesting ITself as… Beliefs opposite to this represent thoughts fashioned ideas of actuality–phantasm.

Ask your self; “Would or may an omnipresent God get pleasure from the struggling and destruction of ITself in expression as folks, earth, animals, nature spirits, elementals, and the various different life types that people are usually not conscious of? If there may be solely ONE Life, why does the bulk imagine itself to be separate from different life types? How may a self-sustained, self-maintained Supply kind ITself as one thing damaging to ITself? What do I imagine? What and who’s the God of my consciousness?

Reply to the internal doubts that will come floating into your consciousness by reminding your self that abundance already is, security already is, well being already is, concord already is, completeness already is. There is no such thing as a must wrestle, pray, do ceremonies and rituals, beg or plead, provide ache and struggling to God within the perception that God loves your struggling, go to church, or chorus from all issues human and so forth. with a view to attain that which is already totally current in and as you.

Imagine, belief, and dwell fact and it’ll turn out to be a state of consciousness that is aware of and experiences—

Every thing I’ve been searching for, I already am.

We’re the Arcturian Group

**Channel: Marilynn Raffaele




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